To get from the Nice Airport to Menton, you can either:

  1. Take the train from Nice St. Augustin station to Menton station. It is around a 20 mins walk from the Airport - not far away, but the road is not great for walking with luggage. This is the cheapest option 6,60 euros.
  2. Take the 110 Bus straight to Menton from the airport. It costs around 16,50€ for students. If you are travelling with lots of luggage, we advise you to take the bus for the first time.
  3. Take a cab (or order one on apps such as Uber). Of course, this is the most expensive option, but theeasiest. It will cost between 60€ (uber) and 90€ (black cab). If you are a group of students, you can share a van, it will cost up to 15€ if you are 6 people.


If you are coming from Europe or France, you might be coming by train. There are two train stations in Menton:

  1. Menton- which is by the Centre Ville.
  2. Menton Garavan- which is closer to The Italian Border.

Our main destinations from Menton are:

  • Monaco-Monte-Carlo - 11-13 mins, 2.30 euros one way
  • Nice Ville (NOT Nice Riquier!) - 38-52 mins, 5.50 euros one way,
  • Nice St Augustin (to get to the Nice Airport) - 46-60 mins, 6.60 euros one way and
  • Ventimiglia (Italy) - 13-14 mins, 3.30 euros one way.

You can check the train times and book your ticket online ( or purchase it using a ticket machine directly at the train station.



You can also take the bus to get to Monaco or Nice, especially to go back to Menton after 11 pm when trains are off:

  • From 6.30 am to 6.30 pm:Take the 100 Bus. It will cost 1,50€ and it will take around one hour for Menton-Monaco and one hour and half for Menton-Nice. In Menton Centre Ville, you can take the bus from Biovès, Casino or Gare Routière.
  • From 10 pm to 2.30 am:Take the N100 Bus. The price is still 1,50€ and the bus only stops by Bastion in Menton. 



Below are some hotels for which we have received positive feedback from previous delegates.


Hotel Narev's ★★★

12 Bis Rue Lorédan Larchey, 06500 Menton | +33 4 93 35 21 31 |


Best Western Plus Hôtel Prince de Galles ★★★

4 Avenue du Général de Gaulle, 06500 Menton | +33 4 93 28 21 21 |


Ibis Styles Menton Centre ★★★

10 Rue Villarey, 06500 Menton | +33 4 92 10 95 25 |


Quality Hotel Méditerranée ★★★

5 Rue de la République, 06500 Menton | +33 9 77 55 68 01 |


Hotel Palm Garavan ★★★

3 Porte de France, 06500 Menton | +33 5 82 88 09 87 |


Hotel Napoleon ★★★★

29 Porte de France, 06500 Menton |+33 4 93 35 89 50 |


In addition, Airbnb and Couchsurfing are viable options for MEDMUN participants looking for a place to stay. 


Please contact us if you would like to be housed by a Sciences Po student. This option is limited and priority is given to unaccompanied minors and delegates traveling from abroad.