The 2020 Crisis Staff


Katya Sharma

Katya Sharma is a second year student in the Dual BA program between Sciences Po and Columbia University. Having staffed the Trojan War Crisis Committee for MEDMUN 2019, she is excited to take that experience and step into the role of Crisis Director this year. Having moved around the world her whole life, Katya is excited to work with and encounter all the diverse experiences that typically populate a MEDMUN. She is passionate about developmental initiatives and the academic subjects of developmental economics especially, within the context of the Middle East. However, she is not averse to some war-mongering within the crisis committees!

War-mongering aside, she firmly believes that Crisis is the best way to grapple with the complexities of the MENA region in a dynamic global landscape. With MEDMUN 2020, she aims to challenge delegates and staff researchers to reimagine the geopolitical dynamics at play in the Middle East. She hopes to enrich the delegate’s experience with more knowledge about the intricacies of the Middle East and challenge any preconceptions at play. Hopefully, MEDMUN Crisis 2020 will encourage and inspire some future leaders of the world. Katya looks forward to reimagining history or imagining the future with you at MEDMUN 2020!


Noah Douglas

Noah Douglas is a Second Year British-Indian student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus of Menton. Having lived everywhere from England, to Spain, to the Caribbean, to India, he is quite the Mr Worldwide. Growing up with such an international background, he has always been surrounded by a plethora of diverse cultures and people groups, which invariably led to his interest being piqued by MUN. He is passionate about politics, photography, music, and travelling. Noah looks forward to his role as a crisis staffer within this year’s conference, and will do his best to ensure that everyone has the best time possible!

Vanessa Wedick

Vanessa is a Canadian first year student studying at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton as part of the dual degree with the University of British Columbia. Vanessa was born in Vietnam however has lived around the world in the UAE, India, Spain and Canada; allowing her to be exposed to a multitude of very unique cultures and languages. Some of her best high school memories are without a doubt the wild, Model UN crisis committees that have taught her how to think outside the box and have provided her with the experience to now be a crisis staffer. Vanessa is looking forward to seeing what fruitful debate and creative directives will come from the crisis delegates this year at MedMUN!

Laura Fairlamb

Laura is an American first year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton as a member of the Dual BA with Columbia University. Laura was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia and found Sciences Po through her interests in French, International Relations and Human Rights. Laura is particularly interested in volunteering with refugees and advocating for their rights. Prior to Sciences Po, Laura was an avid member of her High School MUN club. She participated in local conferences as well as those in Venice, Italy and Querétaro, Mexico. Laura is grateful to MUN for introducing her to the world of International Relations and looks forward to sharing her love for MUN through her role as a Crisis Staffer.

Tuna Dinçer

Tuna Dinçer is a first-year student of Sciences Po from Izmir, Turkey. He is fascinated by history, languages, societies, and of course, crises. Having grown up by the coast, he defines the Mediterranean as his home. A home full of conflicts, indeed. He, nevertheless, is eager to solve -or create- problems for the delegates, and to ensure a successful debate. He hopes to make MEDMUN 2020 enjoyable and memorable for everyone.

Santosh Muralidaran

Santosh is a first-year student from the Silicon Valley in California studying at Sciences Po's Menton campus as part of the Dual BA with the University of British Columbia. He has had a passion for the humanities since he was young, and developed a strong interest for the Middle East and North Africa as he read books about the Arab Spring and Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and after he visited Egypt and Morocco. He has participated in Model United Nations all four years of his high school, having represented various nations from Venezuela to Niger, and served as the president of the Model United Nations club during his last year of high school. He also enjoys eating Asian food (vegetarian ones, of course), running, and taking way too many photos of Menton. As part of the Crisis team, he is excited to see you debate various issues of the MENA and Mediterranean region and looks forward to welcoming you to this beautiful Riviera town in March.

Daniel Harrich

Daniel Harrich is a second-year student at SciencesPo, as part of their Dual BA Program with Columbia University. Born to an Austrian father and a Syrian mother, he has been interested in Middle Eastern politics from a very early age. His interests lie in the Middle East, conflict causes and resolutions, and the influence of the United Nations - making MUN a strong passion. While his studies at SciencesPo’s Menton Campus naturally lend themselves to an educational focus on the Middle East, Daniel has also spent the past 8 years living in the Levant. He was involved in his school’s MUN Club for every conference in his six years there, which finally culminated in him being the Secretary-General for LEBMUN. Daniel speaks English and Arabic fluently (German is a 50/50 depending on his mood), and is looking forward to getting better at speaking French (inshallah by the end of the year a miracle will happen). He is extremely excited to be serving as a Crisis Staffer as part of MEDMUN 2020, and he is looking forward to meeting all of you at the conference!

Louloudenia Eleni Kriki

Louloudenia Eleni Kriki is a Greek second-year student at Sciences Po Paris, campus de Menton. Having grown up in Athens, she fell in love with the world of rhetoric at a young age. Alongside her studies of politics and history, her participation in a plethora of MUN conferences was where she originally developed her interest in the geopolitics of the Mediterranean and the Arab world. Louloudenia hopes that her past experiences and her love of history will be of use to her team and can hopefully help make the Crisis committees of MedMUN 2020 as fun and memorable as ever. Most importantly, she hopes that everyone feels welcome in this year's conference and looks forward to meeting all of you soon!

Angie Weitz

Angie Weitz is a second year student from SciencesPo Menton and she is currently enrolled in a dual degree programme between Sciences Po and UBC in Vancouver. She will be joining the MEDMUN team this year as NGO coordinator, which she is very excited about, since this will be her first time working with MEDMUN. Born in Munich, she grew up in France as well as in Germany, with a passion for expression and politics. Therefore she is beyond excited to be able to contribute to this wonderful project this year, and looking forward to working with our amazing team!

Samuel Hodman

Caroline OBrien

Samuel Hodman is a first year student at Sciences Po Campus de Menton and an American national. Hailing from Mamaroneck, New York, he is interested in psychology, politics, various sports and foreign languages. He was inspired from a young age by the constant coverage of turmoil and crises in the globalizing world. This evolved into an interest in the cultures and political spectrums of many changing regions - the Middle East in particular - and how globalization has changed these regions, and brought on new problems and crises to solve. Speaking of crises, Samuel is excited to expand on his three years of Model Congress in the U.S (whose long nights, committees, and non-stop work have taught him well) by joining the Crisis team for MEDMUN. His passion for strong disagreements and strong debate means he is anxious to help create a challenging, fun conference for this years’ chairs and delegates. He looks forward to welcoming you all to MEDMUN 2019.

Caroline is a second year student and extremely excited to take up her role as Press Coordinator. She is majoring in Economies and Societies at SciencesPo, and is especially interested in historical sociology. She is a first-generation American and grew up in New York. As a dual citizen between the United States and Ireland, she has always been fascinated by international relations and the factors that affect them, which is a significant source of her interest in MEDMUN. In addition to MEDMUN, she plays rugby and basketball. Caroline is grateful to be selected for the MEDMUN board and looks forward to contributing to the upcoming conference!

Emily Spittle

Emily is a second year student on the Menton campus as part of the Dual BA between Sciences Po Paris and Columbia University. Born and raised in England, Emily experienced MUN for the first time in 2016 as a delegate at her college in Wales. Her position as Crisis Staffer this year will be her first experience of staffing a MUN conference and she is excited to see the insightful and creative responses that the delegates will bring to the crisis scenarios. She hopes to ensure that MEDMUN weekend is an unforgettable, fun and educational weekend for everyone!

Maxim Karkutli,

Maxim Karkutli is a first year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Born in Jerusalem, he also lived in Jakarta, Sidney, Berlin, Washington DC and Brussels. After being a delegate at the BRUMUN in 11th Grade, he co-organised a mini-MUN at his school in 12th Grade as Secretary-General. Being of German and Syrian descent, and having witnessed several political dilemmas throughout his life, he experienced MUN as an eye-opening event on possible ways to solve crises all over the world. He is very excited to be a Crisis Staffer for this year’s MEDMUN and hopes to provide the best experience possible to all attending!

Salina Kuo

Salina Kuo is a first-year student in the Dual BA Program Between Columbia University and Sciences Po. Born to a Taiwanese mother and Indian father, she grew up across Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Vietnam, before moving on to Taiwan, her birthplace. Her experience across the various developing countries in Southeast Asia has illuminated the deficiencies of established institutions and government, as well as the power of human agency in solving these deficiencies; as such, she sees MUN as a tool to inform the youth on the considerable shortcomings of our status quo. Across five years, she has participated in over 17 Model UN conferences as Secretary-General, President, Delegate, ICJ Judge and Advocate. She looks forward to working with everyone at the conference!

Rodolphe Casabianca,

Rodolphe Casabianca is a first year French student at Sciences Po Paris, campus de Menton.

Even though he grew up in Nantes (North West of France), he comes from Corsica and is quite familiar with the northern part of the Mediterranean Sea. His interest to know more about the southern part of the sea and the Middle East pushed him to join the Menton campus. He is a Staff Researcher for the Crisis Committee and is thrilled to welcome all of you to MEDMUN 2020!

Manon Confavreux

Manon Confavreux is a French first year student at Sciences Po Paris, Menton campus. Even though she doesn’t have any apparent link with the Middle East, she loves its complexity so her interest for the MENA region came quite naturally. She had the chance to discover the UN Headquarters in Geneva for a week in 2018, and to meet a lot of people involved in the UN world. Her passion for international relations and debate, as much as this experience in the UN has led her to integrate into MEDMUN as a Crisis Staffer.

Mariam Refky Habashy

Born and raised in Egypt, Mariam Habashy is a first-year student who, like the rest of her country, was thrown into politics with the 2011 Revolution and since then, it has been her main source of interest. So, choosing Sciences Po Menton was an obvious choice to her as it helps her gain a better understanding of the MENA region in all its complexity. Mostly, she is interested in economics as well as international relations and the dynamics of power between countries hence why she took part in two previous MUNs in Cairo and is very excited to be part of MEDMUN this year!


Angelina Gutierrez

Angelina Gutierrez is a Swiss-Costa Rican student in her first year at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Born in Venezuela, Angelina grew up in Costa Rica where she attended a French school in San José. Her passion for the MENA region, sustainable development, as well as this very event, led Angelina to this campus. It will be her first time participating in a Model UN conference so she hopes to channel all her enthusiasm to help create a wonderful experience for all during MEDMUN 2020.