The 2023 Crisis Staff

The Executive

Riwa Hassan

Crisis Director

Riwa Hassan is a second-year student majoring in Politics and Government at Science Po Paris, Menton Campus. Born and raised in Lebanon, Riwa has always been surrounded with political views and discussions over breakfast, lunch and dinner. This community intrigued her interest to participate in Model United Nations in Lebanon and then become part of the MUN club during her exchange year in the US. Last year, Riwa was a crisis staffer in MEDMUN where she created a proposal about her home country, Lebanon. She says “As crazy as last year’s scenario and directives were, they are very close to reality and to the discussions you would see in the Lebanese parliament and political sphere.” For her, crisis represents many aspects of diplomacy in the region.  For this year’s edition, she is beyond excited to be the crisis co-director. Riwa’s main goal is to raise awareness on the situation in the Middle East from real life experiences and to find creative solutions for all the crises the region is facing. She hopes that the delegates will leave the conference with more knowledge not only on the region but on the relationships between the various figures. It is an opportunity for the delegates to enjoy and learn at the same time - the reason she loves crisis.

David Ederberg

Crisis Director

David is a second-year student at Sciences Po Campus of Menton, majoring in Politics & Government. He grew up in Berlin and Israel and is therefore much invested in Europe and of course the MENA region. For him, it was very important to begin his academic studies with an interdisciplinary program, as he is convinced that only with a multidisciplinary approach will we be able to confront the challenges of today and tomorrow. Especially fascinating to him are the different crises of the last decade and how policymakers managed to cope with them - if it’s rising inflation, climate change, international terrorism or escalating conflicts worldwide. He hopes to explore these and similar issues this year through his work as Crisis Co-Director and to enable his delegates as well as the Crisis Staff with the most interesting, realistic and fun simulations possible. He is especially looking forward to working with a diverse and highly motivated team from all across the globe to take this year’s MEDMUN events to the next level and to make sure everyone involved will have an amazing experience!

Crisis Advisors

Ata Tezel

Ata Tezel is a second-year student in the Sciences Po - Columbia dual degree program. Born in Istanbul, he spent his early childhood in Paris before returning to his homeland where he grew a strong interest in contemporary regional and international politics. He completed his high-school studies at UWC India, actively engaging with a particularly diverse community that helped him enrich his worldview. Majoring in economics, Ata is interested in socioeconomics, politics, and diplomatic relations of  Middle Eastern and European nations, hence is very excited to take part in MEDMUN, a conference that specifically focuses on his region of interest. Following years of involvement in MUNs and coordinating the Ad Hoc committee at MEDMUN’s 10th edition, Ata will be serving as an advisor to all MEDMUN crisis committees this year.

Alexandra Kaiss

Alexandra Kaiss (she/her) is a rising senior at American University and exchange student at Sciences Po. As a member of both the Global Scholars Program and the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program, Alex is graduating a year early with a major in International Relations and a certificate in Leadership Studies. A native of Baltimore, Alex became passionate about Model United Nations as the president of her small high school team, which inspired her to continue Model UN by competing as a member on AU's #1 world division ranked Model UN team, serving as the Director of External Affairs for AmeriMUNC, and aiding MEDMUN as a crisis advisor. When not studying, Alex likes to watch Anthony Bourdain, laugh at Mr. Darcy, and wait for the next Game of Thrones book.

Heads of Crisis

Mauricio Sebastián Durán Kaddatz

Mauricio Sebastián Durán Kaddatz is a second-year student at SciencesPo Menton. Mauricio was born to a German mother and a Chilean father and was raised in both countries. He is especially interested in International Relations and how countries can cooperate to bring down barriers between peoples and work towards common goals. He is actively engaged in movements advocating for environmental protection (Fridays for Future) and European Federalism (Volt and Young European Federalists). After having participated in three MUNS, MEDMUN 2022 was his first experience behind the scenes. Being part of the Crisis team once again he hopes to help make MEDMUN 2023 a memorable and enriching conference for all delegates.

Layla Hammouda

Layla Hammouda is a first year student at the Menton campus of Sciences Po Paris and is part of the dual degree program with Columbia University. She was born and raised in Morocco, where she attended a French high school. Growing up in a bilingual and bicultural environment allowed her to cultivate a sensitivity for the plurality of points of view and otherness. It is in this spirit that Layla decided to join the Menton campus allowing her to continue to be immersed in a multicultural environment - which she considers to be one of the cornerstones to succeed in taking an informed look at the complex MENA region. With the MEDMUN 2023 conference, Layla hopes to harness the diversity of the crisis team in order to address issues of the region with inventiveness and above all with the usual humor of the committee. She is eager to help create crisis arcs that will challenge, surprise, and delight delegates as much as the team will enjoy working on them throughout the year.

Anna Russin

Anna Russin is a first-year student in the Dual BA program between Sciences Po Paris’ Menton campus and Columbia University. Originally from the UK and the US but having grown up in Armenia and Jordan for the majority of her life, Anna has always been eager to expand her understanding of different cultures and relations between countries. Anna has been involved in MUN for over six years, participating in MUN conferences around the world alongside being a youth advocate on behalf of her local constituency in the UK for the past four years, working in correspondence with Members of Parliament, local NGOs and the Police in order to address key issues such as racism within the education system, climate change and knife crime. She is fluent in English and Spanish as well as literate in Arabic. As Co-Head of the Crisis for MEDMUN 2023, she hopes to use her diverse upbringing and experience to create a spontaneous environment where delegates are encouraged to think outside the box and from different perspectives in order to establish a resolution to the issues proposed.

Crisis Staffers

Alessandro Coletta

Alessandro Coletta is a first-year Italian student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus of Menton. Born in Rome, his choice of campus was influenced by a deep interest in Mediterranean history, culture, and conflicts. Having already participated in the Italian MUN back in Rome, and having always liked to organize and take part in strategy games, he is ready and excited to join the team as a crisis staffer.








Arian Akrami

Arian Akrami is a first year student enrolled in the dual BA program between Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton, and Columbia University. Born and raised in the UK, but of Persian origin, he has been able to view international relations from two contrasting perspectives, with a particular interest in the MENA region. Arian last took part in the 2021 Magdalen College, Oxford MUN conference as a delegate. This year, Arian is a Crisis Staffer for the MEDMUN team.

Amandine Peuchet

Amandine Peuchet is a first-year student enrolled in the Dual BA program between the University of British Columbia and Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Born and raised in France, she moved and completed her high school in Canada, which allowed her to get involved in different associations and participate in multiple parliamentary simulations occupying different positions from deputy to head of press. During these experiences, she created amazing memories, formed long-lasting friendships, and realized how much she loved political sciences and diplomacy. She hopes her participation in the Crisis committee as a crisis staffer will help make this year's MEDMUN even more unforgettable for its participants, and she is thrilled to be working towards that goal with such a passionate and dedicated team.

Elliott Palleau

Eliott Palleau is a first-year student at Sciences Po Paris in Menton. Born in France and raised in the UK he gained interest for the MENA region because of its constant appearances in news headlines. This interest grew into fascination after debating current crises in the region during countless MUN conferences and discovering the rich cultures of the region. Besides this, Eliott is passionate about hiking and exploring luscious forests and rocky mountains and will also enjoy a day playing board games. He is beyond delighted to welcome you in Menton and provide the best experience in the crisis committee as crisis staffer.

Mila Benhamou

Mila is a first-year student at SciencesPo Menton. Born and raised in Paris, Mila grew up with a strong interest in international politics and relations from a young age. Her heritage, which spans from Morocco to Israel, made her passionate about the sociopolitical dynamics of the Middle East, making her the perfect fit to participate at MEDMUN, a conference that specifically focuses on her region of interest. Lively and energetic, Mila is very excited to work as a crisis staffer at this year’s conference, as she strives to create a fun and engaging atmosphere for all those who seek to get a taste of MEDMUN crisis!

Alva Canenbley

Alva Canenbley is a second-year student at Sciences Po Menton majoring in Political Humanities. As a German having grown up in the EU bubble of Brussels, she wanted to get out of the Eurocentric view on politics and came to Menton. With a deep understanding of the European political landscape she was thrilled to find a more global and oft-forgotten Arab perspective on world politics. She first encountered MUNss during her exchange in Denmark over 4 years ago and now cannot let go of them. After participating in and organizing many MUNs in various languages she was part of the MEDMUN AdHoc committee last year and can’t wait to help bring about this years edition as a crisis staffer.

Penelope Gelman

Penelope Gelman is a first-year student in the Dual BA program between Sciences Po and Columbia University. In high school, her passion for politics, public debate, and human rights motivated her to join Model UN. Since then, she has participated in many conferences across the United States and spent her final year of high school as her school’s Secretary General. As part of MEDMUN, Penelope hopes to explore a new area of MUN by participating as a Crisis Staffer. She is excited to apply her knowledge of the MENA region to develop exciting crisis committees and is looking forward to working with a talented team to create the best MEDMUN yet.

Sofia Bartolini

Sofia Bartolini is a first-year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus of Menton. Born and raised in Italy, she attended a languages-focused high school where she obtained the ESABAC, the French-Italian high school diploma. Thanks to a music project for refugees in Lebanon and an exchange year spent in Tunisia, she discovered her interest for the Mediterranean, as well as the MENA region. Sofia is passionate about negotiation and International relations and she would like to pursue her future career in the diplomatic field. As a member of the Crisis Staff, she looks forward to working with various international issues and she’s excited to meet all the people involved in this enriching experience.

Viola Luraschi

Viola is Italian from Lake Como. She’s currently a second year student at Sciences Po Paris Campus de Menton majoring in Political Humanities with a minor in International Relations. She aspires to pursue a career in journalism. Her role on the MEDMUN team is crisis staffer and she’s looking forward to this year's conference!