The 2021 Crisis Staff

head of crisis

Alicia Barker-Åström

Alicia Barker-Åström is a second-year student at Sciences Po Campus de Menton in the dual BA program with University of British Columbia. She grew up in Stockholm, Sweden and did her high school at a UWC school in Mbabane, eSwatini. Alicia is interested in international relations and the impact that individual relations have in the bigger picture. During last year’s conference she participated as a Crisis staffer, which was an incredibly fun and rewarding task. With this year’s MEDMUN conference, Alicia hopes to create even better Crisis scenarios as well as ensure that there are multiple Crisis-related events taking place throughout the year. Creativity is something she wishes to foster within the team, so that the delegates of MEDMUN 2022 are kept busy with never ending challenges and twists. She is excited to see what the team can do this year and looks forward to seeing the delegates dive into the dynamic world of Crisis.

Benjamin vitenson


Benjamin Vitenson is a second-year student at Sciences Po, and part of the Dual BA with Columbia University. Benjamin was a Crisis team staffer last year and has now stepped up to be a co-director of Crisis. Benjamin was born to an Austrian mother and Israeli father in Connecticut and now lives in North Carolina. He has always had a strong interest in the middle east because of his upbringing and activism. Being specifically interested in activism and civic engagement, he founded and led a branch of Amnesty International in his hometown and helping lead teen justice deferral programs at his local courthouse. He is excited to explore international relations with a fun and creative debate this year at MEDMUN. He hopes to emphasize the complexity of situations and promote innovation in delegates with this year’s Crisis. With MEDMUN 2022, he hopes to truly expose delegates to the challenges of unique issues in the MENA region in the past, present, and the future. He hopes that the Crisis experience inspires delegates to understand world issues on a more personal scale and continue working to innovate in the future.


david ederberg

David is a first-year Undergraduate student at Sciences Po Campus of Menton. He grew up in Berlin and Israel and is therefore much invested in Europe and of course the MENA region. For him, it was very important to begin his academic studies with an interdisciplinary program, as he is convinced that only with a multidisciplinary approach, we will be able to confront the challenges of today and tomorrow. Especially fascinating to him are the different crises of the last decade and how policymakers managed to cope with them - if it’s the financial crisis, international terrorism or a global pandemic. He hopes to explore these and similar issues this year through his work as Head of Crisis and to enable his delegates with the most interesting, realistic and fun simulations possible. He’s especially looking forward to working with a diverse and highly motivated team from all across the globe to take this year’s MEDMUN events to the next level and to make sure everyone involved will have an amazing experience!


greta murgia

Greta Murgia is a first-year student at Sciences Po Paris, campus de Menton. Born in Italy, she studied in an international high school with a focus on German and classical studies, and she has lived in Mexico, where she had the opportunity of integrating in a different culture. As a member of CISV, she attended several international camps in Europe, Asia and the Middle East organizing and taking part in activities focusing on the themes of Diversity, Human Rights, and Conflicts’ Resolution. She has been engaged civically through collaborations with Italian, Lebanese, Indonesian and Mexican non-profits while working with asylum-seeking immigrants, orphanages, victims of mafia and in the field of mental and physical disabilities. Her interest in cultures, diversity, exchange and discovery motivates her to work in the field of international relations and cooperation within nations, focusing on the maintenance of peace. She therefore can’t wait to start her journey as a part of the Crisis Staff of MEDMUN.

luca utterwulghe

Luca Utterwulghe is a first-year student in the Columbia - Sciences Po Dual Degree programme. Luca is a Crisis Staffer for the MEDMUM team. He is interested in political conflict resolution, particularly as it applies to the protracted crises in the MENA region. Luca has gained valuable experience in politics by interning for US Congressman Jamie Raskin and advocating for climate reform and equitable education policy.


riwa hassan

Riwa Hassan is a first-year student at Sciences Po Menton campus. Having lived most of her life in Lebanon, she is very passionate about Mediterranean politics and relations. She wants to become part of the change she wishes to see in her country. Riwa found her passion to politics, diplomacy and international law through MUN. She has participated in several MUN conferences including Boston University MUN through her exchange year with the Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange Program in the United States and Lebanese American University GCLAUMUN. She also won best negotiators at Saint Joseph Prep MUN. Other than that, Riwa was an advisor at the model European union at the Lebanese American University the past year. She is very excited to take part of the crisis team this year as she thinks that this will be an unforgettable experience.

mauricio sebastian duran kaddatz

Mauricio Sebastián Durán Kaddatz is a first-year student at Sciences Po Menton. Mauricio was born to a German mother and a Chilean father and was raised in both countries. He is especially interested in International Relations and how countries can cooperate to bring down barriers between people and work towards common goals. He is actively engaged in movements advocating for environmental protection (Fridays for Future) and European Federalism (VOLT). After having participated in three MUNs, MEDMUN is the first one where he is involved in the organization. Being part of the Crisis team and head of Marketing for the same, he hopes to help make MEDMUN 2022 a memorable and enriching conference for all delegates.

lena schulthess

Lena grew up in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. There, as well as in Serbia, she participated in different projects with refugees. Through this volunteering, she got to know lots of refugees from different places of the MENA region. The contacts to them sparked her interest in the region, leading ultimately to the choice of the Menton campus of Sciences Po Paris. The complexity of the issues the region is facing, its cultural richness, as well as the intruding roles of international players fascinate her. This is why she is especially excited to join this year's MEDMUN conference, aiming to help ignite a controversial discussion about critical issues. She hopes that through her contribution in crisis, the team we'll be able to spice the convent up by challenging delegates on the spot - a scenario one should be prepared for when being working in international relations.


virginia barchiesi

Virginia is an 18-year-old first-year, English track student at Sciences Po. She has been working with UNICEF for migrant and refugee children since the beginning of her high school years and she is passionate about the inclusion of young people in global affairs. In fact, she is a Young European Ambassador and she is a member of the Youth Sounding Board for International Partnership, advising Commissioner Urpilainen on the youth dimension of EU’s foreign policy. She is fluent in French, English and Italian and she speaks Arabic, Russian and basic Turkish. Her previous MUN experience has made her realize how some of the world’s hardest challenges are better understood when played into action and she is so excited to be part of the team that is bringing MEDMUN to life.

ava gordon

Ava Gordon is currently a second-year student at Sciences Po, Menton, majoring in Politics and Government. Since 2015, she has participated in numerous Model UN conferences, ranging from conferences attempting to tackle international laws around women's rights to crisis committees centered around the Russian Revolution. Though Ava was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, her interest in the Middle East was sparked when she travelled to Israel for the first time, and was struck by the amount of state propaganda and media bias she witnessed firsthand. Since then, she has been trying to find ways to remedy the sensationalized narrative of the Middle East that is so pervasive in the West today. Ava cannot wait to assist in running crisis scenarios this year, as she believes that crisis committees can be a lot of fun while also being a realistic depiction of how real-world negotiations can often go awry, and diplomats are still expected to find solutions.

Aya Abdoh El Marrakchi

giulia vivgoriti

Aya Abdoh El Marrakchi is a second-year student at the Menton campus of Sciences Po Paris and is part of the dual degree program with the University of Columbia. Born and raised in Morocco, she can be fascinated by everything as long as she understands the process behind it. Aya has experience in multiple MUNs and has been the Secretary General of her high school MUN. She can’t wait to be a part of the crisis team this year! Her brain being as convoluted as a Rubik’s cube, that she can easily solve, she will do her best to think of the best scenarios to get you hyped in crisis.

Giulia is an Italian first-year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton.
Her Europe and humanities-focused education in high school and her love for challenges lead her to apply to the Middle East and Mediterranean Programme of Sciences Po, as she finds the MENA region to be one of the most culturally rich, intricate, and fascinating corners of the world. Her experience living abroad and being involved in various MUNs, as well as her passion for economics, led her to take over the role of Head of Finance. As such, she will ensure that the logistics are being taken care of and will help to work towards creating the perfect conference in every aspect!


chloe sibille

Chloe Sibille is a First-Year student at Sciences Po Paris, Menton campus. She was born to a French father and a British mother and now lives in the South of France. The relations that link both of her native countries together sparked her interest for international politics which was very much enhanced by Brexit. Founder of a local branch of UNICEF at her high school, she is also passionate about social justice and plans to study the ties between international relations, diplomacy and human rights. She never had the chance to take part in a MUN conference before, so she is eager to experience it this year and can’t wait to learn more about the Mediterranean political situation through it. Chloé is also excited about writing interesting and complex scenarios with the crisis team to make the March conference even more memorable. See you then!

bianca bartolini

Bianca Bartolini is a First Year student at SciencesPo Paris, Campus de Menton. Born in Rome, from an Italian father and Irish mother, she spent a semester in a high school in France where she further developed her knowledge of French. Model United Nations has been a passion of hers since she was fourteen, she has participated as a delegate in many conferences across the world: from Italy, Germany and Hungary to the United States and Mexico. These experiences have shaped her interest in international relations and human rights. Other than MEDMUN, she likes reading, writing and going out with friends. She is also involved with other associations on campus, volunteering with migrants and refugees. Some of Bianca’s best memories involve the dynamic debates in Crisis Committees and she can’t wait to recreate the same experience for the delegates of MEDMUN 2021!


morgane abbas

Currently a 16 year old first-year student in Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton, Morgane Abbas is beyond excited to join the 2020-20221 MEDMUN team as a member of the crisis pole. Growing up in Paris, surrounded by a Syrian father and a Moroccan mother, and following a Bachibac cursus that focuses on the Hispanic world has always made her immersed in a Mediterranean multiculturalist approach. Traveling around countries such as Morocco, Lebanon or even experimenting life in Syria for a few weeks where she could concretely observe the conditions and the situation in a country on war, made her want to deepen her analysis of the MENA region. Participating in MEDMUN is a rewarding first experience for her as she wants to work in the diplomacy sector, and she is sure that she will come out of it grown up! Apart from that, Morgane is keen on playing music (piano and violin) and learning new languages when the opportunity comes to her (French, Spanish, English, Arabic, German, Chinese), because they represent to her the key to cultural authenticity ! 

mariam refky habashy

Mariam Refky Habashy is a second year student at Sciences Po Menton, currently pursuing an Economics and Society major. Born and raised in Cairo, she couldn’t be but fascinated by politics after experiencing the upheaval that shook her country in 2011 and the deep aftereffects it had on the region as a whole . That developed into an early on interest for the history of the region but also for the fight for gender equality as well as social justice.Apart from her major, she is also really interested in international relations , so it’s no surprise that she decided to take part in MEDMUN and specifically the crisis committee as it gives the staff  the opportunity to roam free with their imagination to create interesting (if not sometime crazy) scenarios that make MEDMUN a truly unforgettable experience.

sofie Hojstrup overgaard

Sofie Højstrup Overgaard is a second year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Born and raised in Denmark, she early on gained an interest in global politics, which she developed further when she helped found and run her high school's MUN club. She participated in many conferences around Denmark and Germany, and also helped start up her school's very own conference. Her interest in global politics is also what brought her to Menton, where she hopes to embark on new and exciting experiences as part of the crisis team. In her spare time, she enjoys spending her time at Sablettes listening to her friends play guitar, or on a quick run through the beautiful city.