The MEDMUN 2023 Secretariat

The Executives

Inès Jabri


Inès Jabri is a second-year student at Sciences Po Paris, Menton Campus. Born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco, she has progressively developed a sense of curiosity about the MENA region, its geopolitics and socioeconomic concerns, which made her realize that studying in this campus is the optimal path for her to deepen her knowledge on the Arab world and the history behind conflicts in this region. Passionate about diplomacy and international relations, she discovered quickly that Model United Nations is a unique opportunity to broaden her horizons on different cultures while meeting people from abroad, and an excellent exercise to analyze various perspectives on crucial stakes and issues the world is facing today. For that matter, her participation in several conferences such as MFNU in The Hague, AMMUN in Rabat, OSUIMUN in Casablanca, FERMUN in Geneva or even SPMUN in Reims has ingrained a fondness for debates, which convinced her to get involved in the organization of last year’s conference in Menton, as Secretary, Day-Of Logistics and Projects Supervisor, to get involved in the work behind the curtains. After this rich journey, she had the honor to be elected Secretary-General of MEDMUN 2023. Therefore, she is beyond proud and determined, with the talented members of the board, to make this year’s conference a truly successful and enriching human experience.

Maria-Vera Azadian

Deputy Secretary-General

Maria-Vera Azadian is a second-year student completing the Dual BA program between Sciences Po Paris’ Menton campus and Columbia University, where she is majoring in Political Humanities. A crisis delegate through and through, she has been thoroughly involved in Model United Nations for the past three years, participating in, chairing and staffing multiple conferences, such as McMUN and MUNC in Montreal, NAMUN in Toronto, and even SPMUN 2021 in Reims. Most recently, she was your head of Marketing during MEDMUN 2022. Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, her Armenian-Lebanese roots have led her to develop a passion for the diplomacy of the MENA region, and she especially hopes to work in the field in the future. Other than MUN, she loves graphic design, animated series and philosophy! She is more than honoured to be your Deputy Secretary-General this year and looks forward to delivering an unforgettable eleventh edition of MEDMUN!

Pole Directors

Lilou Ornella-D'Inca

Conference Director

Lilou Ornella-D'Inca is a second-year student majoring in Politics and Government at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Over the years, she has acquired a wide-ranging experience in MUN, partaking in her first Model UN conference at age 11, and acting as a Delegate, Chair, Staffer, Secretary-General, and advisor for her high school’s Model UN club. Born to French-Italian parents, she served as MEDMUN’S 2022 Italian Committee Director in the aim of expanding discussions on Italian issues beyond national borders and of encouraging delegates to draw parallels between the Mediterranean affairs of multiple countries across this region. As MEDMUN’s new Conference Director, Lilou is eager to build a highly motivated and supportive environment in the Content Pole, applying her leadership and organisation skills when mentoring committee directors, taking initiatives, and overseeing the applications process for the upcoming conference. She looks forward to enhancing the quality of debates, ensuring the thorough preparation of all stakeholders, and recreating our remarkable Mediterranean spirit during MEDMUN 2023!

Vinciane Rosenzweig

Logistics Director

Vinciane Rosenzweig is a second-year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. It’s her second year in this association where she was previously Head of Delegations. She is French but grew up in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, since she was 4 years old. Living in the Middle East for almost her entire life made her develop a particular interest in international relations but mostly the inter-state relations that allow us to understand the major issues of the MENA region today. Currently a Politics and Government major - International Relations minor at Sciences Po, she would later like to get involved in international humanitarian law. As Logistics Director, she will manage a team of five people to control the association's budget, find partnerships in the region and sponsorships during the conference, find ideas for fundraising events, as well as carry out new projects related to politics and international relations with the help of the association's project director for 2022-2023. She hopes, with her logisitc’s team,  to make the conference run as smoothly as possible and make everyone enjoy this MEDMUN 2023 experience to make it unforgettable!

Sami Omaish

Communications Director

Sami Omaish is a second-year student in the Dual BA Program Between Columbia University and Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Born in Madrid, Spain to a Jordanian father and an American mother and raised between Jordan and the US, Sami has always been attracted to experiencing new cultures and new languages, speaking English, French, Arabic, as well as intermediate Spanish and Turkish. Sami is currently in his sixth year of experience with Model UN, and is very excited to be this year’s Head of Communications, building up on the Secretariat experience he gained as Director of the ICJ Committee. He holds a deep interest in Model UN outreach and the role Model UN can have in preparing the next generation’s diplomats and conflict negotiators, guiding him naturally to a position in communications. He cannot wait to welcome you all to Menton, and looks forward to communicating with all of you in the meantime!




Pau Carbonell Gilabert

Projects Director

Pau Carbonell Gilabert is a second-year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus of Menton. Born and raised in Barcelona, he is used to being part of a diverse, tolerant and multicultural environment. His passion for the Mediterranean region and his enthusiasm for the history of this area evolved into political and economic interest as well. He is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Catalan, interesting languages in bridging the gap between the Mediterranean, the American and the Spanish national identities.  Serving as the Spanish Committee Director last year was an incredible opportunity for Pau, experiencing first-hand how Model UN helps many take the first step towards change. In order to make MEDMUN 2022 remarkable, special and memorable, Pau is ready to give the same passion and consistency he gave last year and ensure that in his role of Projects Director, MEDMUN becomes an association that is always present on campus.

Content Pole

Lucy Lönnqvist

Delegate, Chair and Content Coordinator for English Committees

Lucy Lönnqvist is a first year student of SciencesPo Menton, and English Committee Director for MEDMUN 2023. Having been raised in Perth, Western Australia, known as being the most isolated city in the world, Lucy is most excited to witness the facilitation of an increasingly globalised debate chamber in the MEDMUN conference, inviting delegates from a multitude of cultures to unite in the beautiful town of Menton, around a shared passion for diplomacy and hope towards rendering our world a better place. Lucy has participated in Model UN competitions throughout high school and finds there is no better way to consolidate her knowledge of a region than by tackling its complex political, economic, and social issues from a variety of viewpoints in a MUN simulation. Through her role as English Committee Co-ordinator Lucy aims to foster a community of MEDMUN participants whereby each member feels as though they can develop a broader capacity to understand and accept each other’s varying worldviews, cultural differences and most importantly, showcase their arguments and amplify their individual voices to create quality debate within the chamber.

Aurélie Retory

Delegate, Chair, and Content Coordinator for French Committees

Aurélie Retory is a first-year student at Sciences Po Paris in Menton. Passionate about geopolitics, international relations and economics, she discovered the countries of the MENA region through her experience as a member and then president of the MUN club. This attraction for Mediterranean culture, for its political, social and economic challenges, she wished to develop it and thus decided to join our beautiful Mediterranean campus and the MEDMUN project as Delegate and Chair Coordinators for French committees. It is by observing situations of inequality and sexism, by witnessing conflicts born of misunderstanding and intolerance and by facing the disarray of the youth of her native island that she developed a taste for politics. For her, listening and action go hand in hand, and the modeling sessions are a chance for young people to propose solutions to the biggest problems of our time, and to exchange and share their experiences with people from all over the world. The United Nations is for her a way to act to improve our societies, because there will always be a lot to do, to live better. She is looking forward to welcoming you all to experience three days of sharing, heated debates, laughter and emotions!

Bader Suliman

Arabic Committee Director

Originally from the Golan Heights and born in Damascus, Bader was raised in Syria, the UAE, Lebanon and Jordan. Growing up in a multicultural environment, between Europe and the Middle East has provided him with high levels of maturity and open-mindedness and has played a significant part in my motivation for an international career. Currently, he is a second-year student majoring in Politics and Government at Sciences Po Paris, at the Mediterranean Middle Eastern campus in Menton. Aiming to become a diplomat and work in international relations, his fluency in Arabic, English, French, German and soon Turkish is a strong asset. His experience in this field, especially through internships related to European and international relations such as those at the Bundestag in Berlin and at the City Council of Nancy allowed him to thrive personally and intellectually in a cooperative environment. He has participated in several MUNs, including the 10th edition of MEDMUN in April 2022 as a delegate from Yemen, and SPMUN in Reims as a delegate from Saudi Arabia in the framework of OPEC. He aims to further build from these experiences as part of the MEDMUN 2022-2023 board. MEDMUN is an opportunity to get acquainted with the formal world of diplomacy through debates, exciting exchanges and international meetings, often unforgettable. He is therefore proud to serve as Director of the Arabic Committee, where rich and varied topics concerning the MENA region will be tackled and debated in Arabic.

الى اللقاء وحلوة يا بلدي

Agnese D'Ercole

Italian Committee Director

Agnese D'Ercole is a first-year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Born and raised in Rome, where she attended a Classical Lyceum, she then moved to an international boarding school in the UK. By attending the IB, she conducted academic research on the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, thus enriching her interest for the main political issues of the Middle Eastern region. The huge multiculturality of the region, as well as the desire to dismantle the Eurocentric stereotypes on the MENA region, made the Campus of Menton extremely academically stimulating for her. Agnese has been engaged in MUN conferences since 2017, when her participation in RIMUN as the delegate of the UK made her appreciate the vivacity of debate and the thought-provoking topics of the conferences. Thus, she joined other four MUN conferences as a delegate and in 2020 she became Chair of her high school MUN club. Her first-hand knowledge of the Italian territory and its main political issues motivated her to act as the Italian Committee Director for MEDMUN 2022. She is beyond excited to organize a committee focused on underlining Italian issues and trying to solve them with diplomacy and she is looking forward to welcoming you all for this enriching experience.

Mariza Michailidou

International Court of Justice Director

Mariza Michailidou is currently a first year student in Sciences Po Menton, enrolled in the French track. She was born and raised in Athens, Greece. As a Greek, she is very interested in the topics of brain drain and immigration. She is passionate about languages - she is currently learning Arabic and Turkish- and classical literature. Of course, she loves MUNs, having participated in her first MUN conference at the age of 14. As the head of the International Court of Justice, she hopes that every MEDMUN participant has a great time, engaging in fruitful debates and learning more about international relations.




Kousai Ghrimil

Ad Hoc Committee Director

Kousai Ghrimil is a first year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. As a Tunisian who was born and raised in Qatar and then the UAE he was exposed to diversity from a young age which sparked his interest in international relations and the importance of globalism. Throughout high school he joined many MUN conferences which has further ignited his passion for politics, particularly his interest in the African continent and the MENA region as a whole. Having previously designed unconventional conference topics he will be this years Ad Hoc committee director, where he will ensure that the committee is engaging, fruitful, provocative and most importantly fun!







Aya Serragui

Delegate, Chair and Content Coordinator for English Committees

Aya Serragui is a first-year student in the Dual BA program between Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton and Columbia University. Born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco; in a multicultural and diverse environment, she chose to pursue the MENA specialization at Sciences Po to deepen her knowledge of her roots, and reclaim her heritage. Fond of international relations and their impact, she has been participating, chairing and organizing MUNs for nearly four years now. Her fondness of diplomacy didn’t stop there, and led her to work with UN agencies as Moroccan Youth Ambassador for UN Women and UNESCO; in different summits. Therefore, she is more than thrilled to be the Delegate, Chair and Content Coordinator for English Committees for this year’s conference and makes a point of honor of making MEDMUN 2023 a huge success.  She can’t wait to read your applications and to welcome you to the beautiful city of Menton!




Rémy Kirndis-Mérieux

Delegate, Chair and Content Coordinator for French Committees

Rémy Kirnidis-Mérieux is a 19 year-old first-year student from Avignon of Greek heritage. Since the last MEDMUN that made him passionate about those conferences, he cannot tell if his real name is Remy or Samir Geagea, the character he was representing. 

Rémy is motivated to maintain the MEDMUN as a safespace for debate, exchange and mutual enrichment. As the chairs and delegates coordinator for french committees, Rémy will always be down to create challenging committees with coutries on the verge of war so that delegates can make everything to take the path of peace. Committed, motivated and joyful, Remy is really thrilled to take part in the organization of the biggest MUN of the Mediterranean and hopes that he will bring you many positive experiences since he is convinced that MEDMUN will make him develop new skills.






Sila Susam

Turkish Committee Director

Sila Susam is a French-Turkish first-year student at Sciences Po Paris, campus de Menton. Her parents come from Turkey but she was born and raised near Paris. As geopolitics and history were the main topics of discussions during her family gatherings, she developed a passion for these subjects. In addition, she is interested in engaged literature and it is how, through a book written by Khaled Hosseini, she started to research about Afghanistan and humanitarian issues in MENA. Her interests led her to orient herself toward a diplomacy-related career. Having an initial experience by participating in the Summer Diplomatic Academy of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2021, she found taking part in organizing the 2023 edition of Mediterranean Model UN to be the ideal choice. She is looking forward to experiencing such a unique and multicultural event. As the Turkish Committee Director, she is really excited to welcome all of the Turkish delegates and be involved in the rich debates waiting for everyone.









Félix Ibáñez Navarro

Spanish Committee Director

Félix Ibáñez Navarro is a Spanish first-year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus of Menton. Having lived all of his life in the same place and being raised in a homogeneous environment, he chose the Menton because of the opportunity of studying in a very rich and diverse campus, as well as learning more about the MENA region, that he feels is so close to him but at the same time so unknown. He enjoys debating and is particularly interested in international relations, two things that he thinks merge perfectly in MUN. His hometown being so close to the strait of Gibraltar, he is quite excited about how MEDMUN brings together people from every corner of the Mediterranean. He is also honoured to continue with the recently created Spanish Committee and will try all of what is in his hand to continue with last year’s  legacy of outstanding work.






Luna Ragozino

International Criminal Court Director

Luna Ragozino is a French-Italian first-year student at Sciences Po Menton. Born in France and raised in Italy with Neapolitan origins, Luna feels the closeness of her culture to the MENA region. She is convinced that Southern Europe and the MENA region must relearn how to take advantage of their political, cultural and commercial exchanges as they used to thousands of years ago. After being invited to the LERMUN in Tanger and enjoying the experience, she founded a MUN club in her high school. She thinks that conferences like MEDMUN are one of the best ways of having more knowledge on a specific topic regarding a region full of paradoxes. She can’t wait to see how the debate is going to take place in the International Criminal Court and is going to do her best to give you a memorable conference!

Othman Benjelloun

Head of Delegations

Othman Benjelloun is a first-year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus of Menton, doing the Dual BA with Columbia University. Born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco, he was first introduced to the MENA region thanks to novels about some specific social phenomena in the region. The Menton campus is therefore the best opportunity for him to analyze these phenomena in a broad and pluridisciplinary way. Othman is also passionate about MUN conferences, he attended his first conferences in 9th grade and never stopped since then. He was the president of the general assembly of OSUIMUN, his highschool’s MUN, a role that really gave him the chance to explore the MUN world from the other side of the conference. This year, he will be joining the MEDMUN team as Head of Delegations, a role that nourishes his strong attrait for meeting new people. He will have to compose the MEDMUN delegation for other conferences, choose the delegations that will attend the conference and make sure that they arrive, participate and leave while building amazing memories of our cute little city.

Communications Pole

Louise Castel

Head of Marketing

Louise Castel is a French first-year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. She was borned and raised in Brittany, and also has Martinican origins. Since she has been a UNICEF Young Ambassador, she has taken action for the benefit of Syrian and Afghan children. Passionate about conflicts such as the Syrian war, crisis and humanitarian action in the Middle East, she has decided to join the Menton Campus to understand the issues and the history of this area, and to learn Arabic. Wishing to put those important subjects on the table, she is happy to become the new marketing director in MEDMUN, in the Communication Pole. She will ensure with his team that the image of Medmun is highlighted on the networks, through aesthetic videos and posts that will make people want to attend conferences. She is looking forward to meeting students from around the world and being able to lead projects and debates together.

Georgia McKerracher

Head of Press

Georgia McKerracher is a second year student at Sciences Po, Menton. Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, she has always had a keen interest in current and foreign affairs since a young age. In her role as Head of Press, Georgia is hoping to better understand the world in which she finds herself through meaningful dialogue with others from differing cultural backgrounds, and communicate her understandings to a larger and more diverse stage. During her time with MEDMUN in 2022-23, Georgia can't wait to witness and report on the rich discussions of delegates from across not only France, but the world over.






Logistics and Projects Pole

Rania Moalla

Secretary, Day-Of Logistics, and Projects Supervisor

Rania Moalla is a first-year student at Sciences Po Paris, Menton Campus. Born and raised in Tunis, her political ambitions towards her country led her to grow interest in the geopolitical issues of the Maghreb and more globally of the MENA region. This is how the human and social sciences, including international relations, quickly fascinated her. She then discovered the universe of MUNs 2 years ago, which became one of the greatest parts of her life, especially when she was elected president of the MUN club of her school in her senior year. From that moment, she chained delegations and committees, going from delegate to chair. She has participated in several MUNs in Tunisia, under the name of TIMUN, as well as MEDMUN 2022 under the delegation of French high schools in Tunis. Therefore, she is very pleased to be your Secretary, Day-Of-Logistics and Projects Supervisor for this year's conference and hope you’ll live your best diplomatic moments in Menton!

Max Guichard-Cavalieros

Head of Finance, Catering, Transportation and Accommodation

Max Guichard-Cavalieros is a first-year student at Sciences Po Paris, campus de Menton. Parisian native, his ten years abroad in Vietnam, Jordan and Nigeria, emphasized his taste for international affairs. Readings, including The Caliphate. Political history of Islam or The Prophet and the pandemic, narrowed his interest to the MENA region. His will to gain a non-Eurocentric view and to be confronted to a multicultural reality in his studies, reinforced his wish to join both the Menton campus and the MEDMUN team, which contributed greatly to transmit the international and political science-turned teachings he came to study at Sciences Po. In parallel, his three years spent in an association, ultimately promoted to secretary-general and vice-president, gave him experience in short and long-term planning, logistics and management. He looks forward to creating a pleasant working atmosphere, as he already wished when organizing a MUN in Paris in 2022.  As a Co-Head of Finance, Catering, Accommodation and Transportation, he hopes to make the conference run smoothly and make everyone enjoy this MEDMUN experience to make it unforgettable!

Mara Beteagu

Head of Charity, Outreach, Workshops, and Operations

Mara Beteagu is a first-year student enrolled in the Dual BA program between Columbia University and Sciences Po Paris, Menton campus. In her home country, Romania, she has had the chance to participate in numerous activities regarding foreign affairs, including Model United Nations Conferences. She started attending this type of conference in her first year of high school and quickly became her passion as she attended over 15 events around the entire country. She has occupied several positions varying from a delegate, chairperson, trainer and member of the Secretariat. Her biggest accomplishments in the field of MUNs were being the Secretary-General of the first Romanian conference with a French-speaking committee and a year later, being the Conference Manager of the same event, which accommodated over 150 participants, including an international delegation. As the Head of Operations, Workshops, Charity and Outreach, she wants to make sure this year’s edition would be enjoyable in both logistics and academics. For her, MEDMUN represents a fresh start and an opportunity to experience an international conference and get closer to a team of dedicated people.

Natalie Messiha

Head of Partnerships and Sponsorships

Natalie Messiha is a first year student at the Sciences Po Paris' Menton campus, enrolled in the dual BA degree with UBC. Originally Egyptian, but born and raised in Abu Dhabi, she's always been interested in power, its distribution and global affairs. When she got the opportunity to join her school's MUN club, she participated very actively, both as a delegate and a chair. This year, she is the Head of Partnerships and sponsorships. She looks forward to using her past MUN organizing experience and interest in Public Relations to establish new partnerships with schools and associations from all over the MENA region. See you in Menton!





Hanya Abdelhamid

Head of Finance, Catering, Transportation and Accommodation

Hanya Abdelhamid is an Egyptian first year student at Sciences Po Paris Campus de Menton. She is an avid MUN participant, having taken part in 17 conferences over six years, both as a delegate and a chair. Her interest in the MENA region stemmed from her experiences growing up in Egypt, and was developed through her experiences in MUN as she learned more about various contemporary issues plaguing the world and the region in particular. This sparked a deep interest in Middle Eastern politics, and as such, it was natural to study at Menton to pursue higher education in the field of diplomacy, and to continue learning about the various intricacies of the region. Her passion for organisation and planning led her to take over this position, and so she will ensure that the logistics are taken care of and that everything runs as smoothly as possible for the conference!