The MEDMUN 2020 Secretariat




Asma is a French-Tunisian second year student at Sciences Po Paris, Menton Campus. Born and raised in Tunisia, Asma’s interest in geopolitics and international relations was piqued after witnessing the Tunisian Revolution in 2011. Choosing the Middle East and Mediterranean campus of Sciences Po was thus natural for Asma, who strives to understand the broader causes of political turmoil and crises. She is intrigued by the relationship between citizens and politics, and more specifically, by the checks and balances related to the electoral process in Tunisia. Asma is excited to be serving as Secretary General of MEDMUN 2020, in which participants can further delve into the issues and challenges faced by the Mediterranean and MENA regions. As this year will be her third consecutive Model UN experience in Menton, she cannot wait to welcome you to MEDMUN 2020, where unexpected -- yet life-changing -- debates, engagements, and friendships come together!


Deputy secretary general

Blandine Bonneville is a second year student in the dual degree between Sciences Po Paris, campus de Menton, and the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Raised between France and Luxembourg, in a very European context, Blandine believes in the potential of multicultural environments, such as a MUN conference. Driven by a sense of justice, she takes a great interest in the challenges the Middle East is facing regarding human rights and power imbalance. After an incredible experience in the secretariat of MEDMUN 2019, Blandine is thrilled to, once again, welcome all of you in MEDMUN 2020 ! As a deputy secretary general, her goal is to make sure the conference will be a challenging one, where you get to think out of the frame and experience true collective work. 


Mathilde de Solages is a first-year student at Sciences Po as part of the Dual BA with Columbia. Originally French, she has spent her life abroad, living in several different countries. It is this international experience that opened her up to the world of intergovernmental relations, diplomacy, and thus the art of rhetoric. It is to deepen the subject of international security, to study the mosaic of cultures but especially to learn arabic (inshallah) that Mathilde chose the Middle East specialization. Having lived in The Hague for three years prior to arriving in Menton, she felt particularly keen on coordinating the ICJ/CIJ committees, and hopes to contribute to an intellectually challenging conference.

Albert Frank      English Delegate and Content Coordinator

 Albert Frank is a first-year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, Albert attended the American International School where he unveiled his passion for MUN. Being President of the Student Led MUN Team, he not only was responsible in preparing delegates for conferences, but also exhibited logistical and organizational competency when planning his school’s participation at international MUN conferences. Albert is an award winning MUN delegate with years of international experience in the US, Europe and Asia.

Consolidating his unprecedented knowledge on the turmoil of the Middle Eastern region, with a profound focus on the refugee crisis and the Syrian Civil War’s interconnectedness on global politics, Albert is proud to serve as the English Delegate and Content Coordinator for this year’s conference. He will establish ravishing interdisciplinary Committees with ground-breaking geopolitical topics and select the world’s most distinguished delegates making this year’s MEDMUN session a unique experience to everyone.


Tom Autret          Head of Events and Catering

 Tom Autret, Head of events and catering, is a French first year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Although he spent his whole life in Paris, he has acquired a particular taste for opening up to the world, and especially to the MENA area, due to several trips to the region including Jordan, Israel and Morocco. Interested by geopolitics, global security and defence as well as compromises and multilateral negotiations, Tom's goal is to pursue a career in diplomacy or intelligence services. This interest was confirmed by several internships at the OECD or French embassies abroad. Passionate about makroudh, gazelle horns, humus and other of the arab world’s pastries, he wanted to make sure that every participant of MEDMUN 2020 keeps a great memory not only of the conference, but also of the buffet, because as Virginia Woolf said : “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

Sofie Højstrup Overgaard     Secretary of Logistics

J Sofie Højstrup Overgaard is a first year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Born and raised in Denmark, she early on gained an interest in global politics, which she developed further when she helped found and run her high school's MUN club. She participated in many conferences around Denmark and Germany, and also helped start up her school's very own conference. Her interest in global politics is also what brought her to Menton, where she hopes to embark on new and exciting experiences as Secretary and Day-Of Logistics. In her spare time, she enjoys spending her time at Sablettes listening to her friends play guitar, or on a quick run through the beautiful city.

Ali Benramdane Arabic Committee Co-Director

 Ali BENRAMDANE is a second year student in the Dual BA program between Sciences Po and Columbia University. Born and raised in Casablanca, he can go on and on talking about Moroccan history while drinking mint tea and wearing his iconic babouches. Coming to The Menton campus of Sciences Po Paris, he discovered a different side of Arab culture, that of the Middle East, that seemed different to him and yet familiar at the same time. This constant exposure pushed him to discover further the Arab world, culturally, linguistically and musically, and made him value much more the Arabic language in all of its vibrant dialects.

It is in this spirit that he decided this year to join MedMUN as one of the two Arabic Committee co-directors. Having participated to several MUNs in French and English before, it was time for him to experience the magic of MUN “لغة الضاد” style. Alongside Rym Talhouk, he is very dedicated to making this year’s Arabic committee an intense experience where debate and ideas will thrive in one of the world’s richest and yet most neglected

Hinde Bouratoua Assistant of Volunteers and Year Round Events

Hinde Bouratoua is a second year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus Menton, majoring in Political Humanities. Chosing to study on the campus focusing on the MENA region was for her a way to reconnect with her roots and get a unique chance to learn and understand an area that is not taught about enough in french school textbooks. As a French-Algerian, studying in an international school allows her to expand her understanding of global politics and international relations, fields which she wants to focus on during her academic career. During MEDMUN 2020, she is excited to join the Secretariat as Assistant of Volunteers and Year Round Events.

Olivia Jenkins           Head of Delegations

Olivia is a first year student at Sciences Po as part of the Dual BA program with Columbia University. From North Carolina, USA, Olivia has also lived in Cape Town, South Africa and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has long held an interest in international politics, having participated in Model UN throughout high school both in the US and internationally. Beyond politics, Olivia is also passionate about learning languages, cheese and college basketball (go heels!). As Head of Delegations, Olivia is looking to make MEDMUN as great and fun as possible for all those involved.

Malka-Lou Ayache Head of Transportation and Accommodation

 Malka-Lou is a French first year student part of the Dual Bachelor with the University of British Columbia. She discovered MUN during her first year of high school and from that time her interest never stopped growing. She believes that the MUN is a very precious initiative enabling students from around the world to change perspective by putting themselves in the shoes of another country for a 3-day debate. She encourages everyone to make the most of this experience that encourages self-confidence through public speaking, trusting one’s ideas and arguments and affirming them in group discussions. She hopes that MEDMUN 2019 will be filled with meetings, endless discussions, initiatives and lots of laughs !

Miryam Limam         Chair Coordinator for French Committees

Myriam Limam is a first year student at Sciences Po. Born and raised between the two sides of the Mediterranean, she always wanted to understand and learn more about the geopolitical issues and challenges related to the MENA region. Her fascination for the MENA and Mediterranean regions naturally led her to the beautiful Menton campus. Keen of MUN since 2017, Myriam has been a delegate, a chair member in many simulations including MEDMUN in which she was a delegate in 2018 and chair of the G20 in 2019. She is extremely honoured to be serving as this year's Chair Coordinator for French Committees, and she is looking forward to meeting all of you in March

Pierre Desplats       Head of Operations and Workshops

Pierre Desplats, Head of Operations and Workshops , is a second year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Although he spent his whole life in the town where he was born, - in a suburb of Paris - he has acquired a particular taste for opening up to the world, and especially to the MENA area. He's keen on debating and everything else that is related to eloquence, which is why he is also a member of the French Federation of Eloquence. His passions have led him to be involved in numerous MUN conferences, as a delegate and an organiser working with both Secretariat and Crisis teams. Last year, he has been involved in the MEDMUN2019 secretariat as Deputy Undersecretary of Communications. All of this explains why he can't wait to welcome you for MEDMUN 2020.

Lea Fournier         Deputy Delegate and Content Coordinator for French Committees

 Léa Fournier is a half French, half Turkish first year student at Sciences Po Paris Campus de Menton. Interested in politics and international relations, she decided to study in Menton to understand the Middle East and global issues. She had her first MUN experience with her high school in Athens during HMUN in 2017 and participated to MCMUN in Ankara in 2018. She has lived in Ankara since she was 6 years old and seeing the Syrian crisis, she felt concerned by worldwide issues. This year, she will be Deputy Delegate and Content Coordinator for French Committees. As she took part in many differents organization projects during high school, she is thrilled to be able to contribute to MEDMUN 2020 and to once more take part in a unique MUN experience.

Rym Talhouk           Arabic Committee      Co-Director

Rym Talhouk is a second year student at SciencesPo Paris, campus de Menton. Born in Algiers and raised in Lebanon, she’s grown a strong interest in politics and sociology, especially in the issues regarding social and gender inequalities. If she’s not debating about intersectional feminism or the israeli-palestinian conflict, she would most likely be watching movies, drawing, listening to Fairouz songs or playing rugby. Due to her being from both the Levant and the Maghreb here in France, she has grown a particular bond with Arabic cultures, the Arabic language and a great concern for social and political issues in the MENA region. This is why she has participated in MEDMUN 2019 as a chair of the League of Arab States. This year, she will be enthusiastically co-directing the Arabic Committee along with Ali Benramdane, and will be doing her best to contribute in making this conference a memorable and enriching experience for you.

Maurice Mouannes Head of Finance and Sponsorship

Maurice is a second year student at SciencesPo, on the Menton campus. He is this year’s head of finance and sponsorship. He comes from Lebanon, a very complex country, where he lived all his life before coming to France. It enabled him to develop an interest in the politics of the Middle-East, and led him to choose the Menton campus. This is why he really is excited to be part of this year’s conference, and its organisation. It really is a unique experience to plan it, as MEDMUN is one of the few MUN conferences focused on the MENA region, a place where he grew up and spent all his life in.

Maggi Bresden       Chair Coordinator for English Committees

Maggi is a first year student at the SciencesPo Menton campus. Born and raised on the west coast of Canada, she moved to Saudi Arabia in the eighth grade, where her eyes were opened to the complicated relationship between inequality and cultural dynamics. She is passionate about sustainable development, questions of corporate exploitation, and the role of women in advancing societies. Model UN has always been a natural fit, as it has allowed her to understand the role of international affairs in defining the terms for a sustainable and equitable future. She is delighted to be serving as the Chair Coordinator for English Committees at MEDMUN 2020 and cannot wait to welcome all delegates to Menton for what she hopes to be one of the most engaging and memorable weekends of their lives!

Isaac David Pinto Delegate and Content Coordinator for French Committees

Isaac David Pinto Guzmán is the youngest child of two Cuban teachers that escaped the dictatorship and migrated to Mexico looking for freedom and opportunities. This environment and background have always given Isaac a unique perception of world politics and it is because of this that he decided to enrol at Sciences Po Paris Campus de Menton, and why he chose the Politics & Government Major. Isaac Pinto will be your MEDMUN 2020’s Delegate and Content Coordinator for French Committees; his previous experience on Models of United Nations accounts for 12 events where he has participated as Delegate, Special Delegate, Chair, Rapporteur, Deputy Secretary General and Secretary General. If asked about his highest achievement on the matter, he will tell you about NYMUNLAC (New York Model of United Nation for Latin America and the Caribbean) and how he presented resolutions for the Third Commission of the General Assembly at the UNGA Headquarters podium.

Tommy Campomagnani, Italian Committee Director and Marketing and Partnership Assistant

 Tommaso Campomagnani is a first year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Although originally Italian, he has been living in the paradisiacal Canary Islands, Spain, for the past five years, to subsequently move to the equally beautiful Côte d’Azur to fulfill his insatiable interest for Middle Eastern geopolitics and international relations. Being fluent in French, Spanish and Italian, the three main languages of the Mediterranean’s northern shore, he seeks to delve deeper into the politics of the sea’s southern counterpart – which made Medmun a natural fit for him. Through his dual role as Italian Committee Director as well as Marketing and Partnership Assisant, he hopes to contribute in making MEDMUN 2020 an unforgettable and enriching experience for all those involved!


Ian Christensen    Head of Marketing and Partnership

Ian Christensen is a second year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Born and raised in Denver, United States, Ian developed his interest in the world by growing up in a family that dots nearly every continent. His passions for linguistics, cultures, and humanitarianism have taken him from the canals of Venice, to the bustling Tokyo metro, to the rural villages of Brasil and Greece. This will be Ian’s sixth consecutive year working within the realm of Model UN, starting as a founding member of his high school’s first MUN team, and working his way through the Secretariat of MEDMUN, this year joining as Head of Marketing & Partnerships. Ian hopes to make his mark (quite literally) on the conference's online presence, and to work hard with our partners to ensure that MEDMUN 2020 is the best one yet!

Inès Sentissi        Finance and Sponsorships Assistant

Inès is a first year-student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. She’s Moroccan, born and raised in Casablanca. She has always been interested in the relations of her country with the Middle East and the great diversity of the MENA region, which led her to join the Menton campus. She firmly believes in the power of debating and confronting point of views, important for both personal and professional development, especially when it comes to current issues that have an impact on the societies. Inès will be in charge of assisting the Head of Finance and Sponsorships and although MEDMUN 2020 will be her first MUN’s experience, she’s not afraid of this new challenge that she’s ready to face.

Sarah Duchemin Events and Catering Assistant

Sarah is a french first year student in Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Born and raised in France her corsican and algerian origins introduced her to the mediterranean cultures and issues. Her dream is to work for the United Nations Organisation because she believes that human cooperation is the best way to reach an ideal peace and worldwide well-being. She is keen on organisation of events and in her position she hopes to take on a shared role for an exceptional conference, to create an intellectually stimulating and human inspiring meeting. She is ecstatic to welcome all the delegations, chairs and speakers in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere to live three marvelous days of debates and discussions.

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