The MEDMUN 2021 Secretariat


Basile Rochet


Mathilde de Solages is a second-year student at Sciences Po Paris, Menton Campus. Originally French, she has spent her life abroad, navigating between three continents, and was thus naturally exposed to the world of intergovernmental relations. Choosing to study on the campus focusing on the Middle East and the Mediterranean was a way for her to delve into previously unknown cultures, politics and societies, and to learn Arabic. She is beyond proud and excited to be serving as Secretary General of MEDMUN 2021 and contribute, with the board, to a truly enriching and unforgettable experience.

celeste aboujibgibwifbwi9ubf

Deputy secretary general

Tommaso Campomagnani is a second year student at the Menton Campus of Sciences Po Paris, majoring in Politics and Government. A London-born Italian citizen living in the Canary Islands, Spain, Tommy’s passion for Middle Eastern affairs, languages and geopolitics made him a natural fit for MEDMUN. His experiences as a research fellow for several think tanks reinforced his interest in the world of foreign affairs, which he seeks to bring to life with the engaging debates and crisis scenarios that MEDMUN has to offer. In the 2020 edition, he worked as Italian Committee Director and Marketing and Partnership Assistant. This year, as the Deputy Secretary General, Tommy aims to create unforgettable moments and memories for all participants!

The secretariat

Florian heydecker

conference director

Albert Frank is a second-year student majoring in Politics and Government at Sciences Po Paris’ Menton Campus. Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, Albert’s savoir-faire of Model UN is grounded on an extensive international MUN career as award-winning delegate. Drawing on this experience, both his past roles as president of the Student-Led MUN Team at High School and his role as MEDMUN’s English Delegate and Content Coordinator last year epitomize Albert’s distinctive administrative and organizational competencies. Amalgamating this unrivaled expertise, this year, Albert will hold the prerogative of serving as MEDMUN’s Conference Director. Acting as the custodian to MEDMUN 2021, in this senior leadership position, he will delegate, oversee, guide, and mentor all Delegate and Content Coordinators, the Head of Delegations, and all Language Committee Directors in a myriad of conference-related tasks. His role, centered on conference administration and organization, will also allow him to exhibit his sophisticated knowledge on the peculiarities of the Middle East by managing the establishment of insightful committees and topics. All this, he accumulates under the umbrella of making MEDMUN 2021 an unparalleled experience. 

nour gharbi

head of delegations

Nour Gharbi is a first-year studen at Sciences Po, Menton campus. Born and raised in Tunisia, she has grown up in a political environment that encourages the power of words and ideas. Model United Nations has naturally fascinated Nour throughout her high school years, particularly when dealing with the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern region. As Head of Delegations, her hope is that everyone fully engage with their committee and enjoy this memorable experience. Her motto is: everything gets better with harissa and olives!


ada baser

ıcj Director

Ada Baser is a first year enrolled in the dual degree program with Columbia University and Sciences Po’s Menton campus. Hailing from Virginia, United States, her passion for the Middle East is rooted in her Turkish heritage (feel free to  debate with her about the origin of Middle Eastern foods - just a hint, the answer is always Turkey). Ada is especially passionate in the ICJ (hence her position in the 2021 Secretariat) and the interpretation of international laws to protect universally recognized interests. Above all, she hopes to learn from the variety of points of view that the delegates bring to the table, united in their mission to tackle real-life situations, especially related to peace and stability in the Middle East despite geopolitical conflicts. Ada is beyond thrilled to welcome everyone to the Menton community, regardless of the format of the committees themselves.

florian heydecker

italian committee director

Florian Heydecker is a first year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Born to an Italian mother and German father, he was raised near Milan, Italy, and attended the Classical Lyceum where he discovered his passion for the Mediterranean region and MUN. Participating in the CWMUN 2018 in New York as a delegate from Qatar was the turning point that fostered Florian’s interest in the Middle East region and commitment to the MEDMUN cause at Sciences Po. Together with his fluency in English, German, Italian and Spanish, crucial languages in diplomacy and the Mediterranean, and his passion for the classical culture, Florian is proud to serve as the Italian Committee Director for this year’s conference. He will combine his five-year long organisational experience as class speaker with his enthusiasm and knowledge that characterise him during a debate and select the most appropriate delegates and topics in order to make MEDMUN 2021 remarkable and unique.

Tom Autret

Head of events and catering

Tom Autret, Head of Events and Catering, is a French second year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Although he spent his whole life in Paris, Tom has acquired a particular taste for opening up to the world, and especially to the MENA area, due to several trips to the region including Jordan, Israel, and Morocco. Interested by geopolitics, global security, and defence as well as compromises and multilateral negotiations, Tom's goal is to pursue a career in diplomacy or intelligence services. This interest was confirmed by several internships at the OECD or French embassies abroad. Passionate about makroudh, gazelle horns, humus, and more of the Arab world’s pastries, Tom wants to make sure that every participant of MEDMUN 2021 keeps a great memory not only of the conference, but also of the buffet, because as Virginia Woolf said: “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

nolwenn Menard

head of finance

Nolwenn Ménard is a second-year student in the Dual BA Program between Columbia University and Sciences Po. She is Franco-American and has lived between France and the United States before settling down in Menton. After being a delegate last year, she joined the board as Head of Finance and is excited about working to put on a great year!

lucas desgardin

delegate and content coordinator for french committees

Bechar is a first-year student at Sciences Po Paris campus of Menton. He was born and raised in the beautiful city of Rabat, the capital of Morocco, which is a complex country torn between its African, European, and Arab ties and roots. Living there enabled Bechar to grow a strong interest in issues related to the Arab world and Mediterranean area, which led him to the Mentonease campus. Bechar has participated in many conferences as a delegate and took part in the organization of the MUN conference held in his high school as Vice President. Bechar Benmoumen is honored to be your MEDMUN 2021 Delegate and Content Coordinator for French Committees. He is looking forward to contributing to MEDMUN 2021 and making it a memorable and enriching event for all those involved.

celeste abourjeili

Secretary and Day-Of Logistics

Celeste Abourjeili is a Lebanese-American first year student enrolled in the Dual BA Program between Columbia University and the Sciences Po Paris campus of Menton. Originally from New York City, Celeste is used to living in a diverse and dynamic environment where everyone’s culture brings something new to the table. Celeste has been involved in Model United Nations for five years, first as a delegate and then as the Varsity Coach and Crisis Director for her school’s MUN team. She also has experience chairing and organizing committees for her school’s conference, SciMUNC. Celeste is interested in the MENA region due to her connections to Lebanon, and she can’t wait to learn more about it. As the Secretary of MEDMUN, Celeste hopes to make sure that the conference runs smoothly and that all the delegates have an amazing experience at MEDMUN this year.

emma de montis

chair coordinator for french committees

Emma is a French-Spanish first year student at Sciences Po Paris, Menton campus. She lived all her life on a small Spanish island called Mallorca, and the Mediterranean Sea is her home. That is why Emma is so excited to participate in MEDMUN, a conference focused on the MENA region and the Mediterranean. Emma de Montis will be your MEDMUN 2021 Chair  Coordinator for French Committees. Emma is passionate about international relations and geopolitics. She believes that Model UN helps us take the first step towards change, by making us conscious of what is happening in the world surrounding us. Emma cannot wait to welcome everyone in Menton and she is looking forward to following your debates and discussions. 

Melisa üstündağ

turkish committee director

Melisa Üstündağ is a first year student at Sciences Po Paris Campus de Menton. Born and raised in Istanbul, she had the chance to observe the geopolitical issues and politics of the Mediterranean and MENA region. Her interest in international relations led her to the Menton Campus. Concerned by global issues, she had her first MUN experience in 2017 and since then has taken many different positions in conferences, including MFINUE in which she was the Secretary General. She is honored to take part in MEDMUN’s Secretariat this year as the Turkish Committee Director and is thrilled to be able to contribute to the organization of this unique MUN conference.

lounis jahidi

Head of Operations and Workshops


Lounis is a second-year student at Sciences Po's Menton campus, majoring in political humanities and specializing in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean region. As a Franco-Moroccan, he has lived in Rabat all his life. He has a deep interest in the Mediterranean and the MENA region from a geopolitical and cultural point of view. He is currently the Head of Operations and Workshops and is extremely motivated for the upcoming year!

axel martin

charity and outreach coordinator

Axel Martin is a first-year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Raised in Normandy facing the North Sea and the English Channel, he quickly developed an interest for maritime issues, geopolitics and international relations. Axel discovered the wide diversity of the MENA region by travelling down the Nile river a few years ago, thus bringing him to Menton this year.

He believes in the collective reflection and positive impact of debate on society and he finds these aspects of debate in MUN. Beyond MUN, Axel enjoys running sessions on the Côte d’Azur, and he is more ready than ever to ensure that MEDMUN 2021 will be the most thrilling one… Yallah!

rodolphe casabianca

head of sponsorships

Rodolphe grew up in Nantes (Northwest of France) but is from Corsica, and his Mediterranean roots pushed him to join the Menton Campus to know more about this area, especially the Middle Eastern part. Rodolphe was in the MEDMUN Crisis staff last year and is now Head of Sponsorships. He is thrilled to welcome all of you to MEDMUN 2021!

emilio egger prieto

delegate and content coordinator for ENGLISH COMMITTEES

Lilinaz Hakimi is an Iranian 1A English Track in the Dual enrollment between Sciences Po Paris Campus de Menton and Columbia University. Born and raised in Shiraz, Iran, Lilinaz is extremely passionate about Middle Eastern politics and international relations. After moving to the USA at the age of 12, Lilinaz found that her peers were not as invested or involved in the Middle Eastern issues, and thus she set out on a path to educate herself and others around her on the conflicts surrounding the Middle East from different perspectives. Choosing the Middle Eastern and Meditteranean campus was thus the natural choice to pursue her higher education in the field of geopolitics and global affairs. Lilinaz is intrigued by the relationship of religion and politics in the Middle East, as well as intervention of larger nations into the conflicts in the region. She also loves learning languages and speaks Farsi, English, and French. Lilinaz is honored to be serving as this year's Delegate and Content Coordinator for the English Committees. As an active member of her Model UN, Debate, and Mock Trial teams in high school, Lilinaz is well versed in the inner working of simulations and public debates to facilitate conversation and to further analyze different global issues. As the Delegate and Content Coordinator, she aims to have the delegates participate in a creative selection of committees that are not only relevant to the world we live in today but to help delegates further their knowledge while having a fun conference. Lilinaz cannot wait for the awesome initiatives and conferences that MEDMUN will put forth through teamwork and determination!

nouha el mouzdahir

chair Coordinator for english Committees

Nouha El Mouzdahir is a first-year student at Sciences Po. She is particularly interested in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern region, namely because of her biculturalism. Indeed, as a Moroccan studying in the French educational system, Nouha strongly identifies with both cultures and tries to reconcile the two. This cultural wealth raised her interest concerning geopolitical issues in the MENA region, which led her to the campus of Menton. Beyond that, Nouha is a curious person, cinephile, and theater enthusiast, who always aims at expanding her knowledge and abilities. That is what initially attracted her to Model United Nations more than two years ago. These conferences allow debate, and not only do they call upon critical thinking, but also creativity. Thus, Nouha is delighted to be Chair Coordinator for English Committees in MEDMUN 2021, and is committed to uphold an intellectually and culturally stimulating environment for all participants.

basile rochet

cıj coordinator

Basile is a first year student at Sciences Po Paris campus de Menton. Although he used to live in Singapore and Brussels, Basile is from Corsica and loves the Mediterranean sea. His experience abroad has allowed him to meet different cultures, and he joined the campus specialized in the MENA region to discover a new one. Basile started MUN two years ago as a delegate and then continued attending conferences in Singapore and Brussels. His best MUN experience was definitely the THIMUN conference at The Hague, where he spent a week representing Madagascar. Basile wants to later work in an international law court. Therefore he is delighted to be the CIJ coordinator this year and he is looking forward to meeting all of you in March.

maha el haiba

arabic committee director

Maha El Haiba is this year’s Arabic Committee Director. Born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco, she studied at Lycée Lyautey of Casablanca before joining Sciences Po Paris. Due to her family, education and the environment in which she grew up, Arabic is as much her native language as French. Maha’s main goal this year at MEDMUN is to deal with the issues related to the Arabic Committee, assign its chairs and delegates, and build interesting partnerships. During the conference, she is willing to make sure that every debate takes place in the best of conditions. 

Irem Tarcan

head of marketing

Irem Tarcan is a second year student at Sciences Po, majoring in Economics & Society. She was born and raised in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. Throughout her life, she witnessed the challenges faced by different minorities in Turkey; most notably, her interest in human rights issues and politics was piqued during the Syrian refugee crisis. As a Middle Eastern herself, Irem is extremely interested in the different political dynamics of the region. She has participated in many different MUN conferences in different positions. After her short but amazing experience in the MEDMUN Secretariat last year, she is really excited to be part of the Secretariat again as the Head of Marketing this year. Irem is committed to creating a bigger online presence for MEDMUN and making the conference even more popular (nationally and internationally) during this particular year through virtual means.

Wang di

virtual coordinator

Wang Di is a first-year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Being a native of Singapore, an island city-state in Southeast Asia, the Middle East first piqued his interest as it was not well understood in his home region. Wang Di’s humanities education in high school motivated him to apply to the Middle East and Mediterranean Programme of Sciences Po as he felt the need to gain a more profound understanding of the region in order to come up with sensible solutions to the complex challenges it confronts. Wang Di has been involved with MUN in various capacities as delegate, chair, trainer, and executive administrative officer at The Hague International Model United Nations (Singapore). He hopes to make use of his experience in conference organization to create an enriching and fulfilling experience for all participants in MEDMUN. As Virtual Coordinator, Wang Di will ensure that the IT and virtual infrastructure related to the conference will run as smoothly as possible.