The MEDMUN 2019 Secretariat

Secretary GeneralS

genevieve grant


Genevieve Grant is an American national and second year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, Genevieve is continuing her binational experience as a member of the Dual BA with Columbia, studying Political Science and American Studies. Growing up in the midst of on and off political turmoil, she became interested in the rise and subsequent globalization of extremism early on. Since then, Genevieve has felt attached to the study of the roots and the spread of global terror, and the solutions to this global problem. Genevieve is beyond excited to help make MEDMUN 2019 an engaging experience for all its participants as they immerse themselves in the issues facing the MENA and Mediterranean region, and hopefully immerse themselves in the Mediterranean itself, at least once!

Tobias wedel

Deputy secretary general

Tobias Wedel is a second-year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. He comes from Nürnberg, Germany, and is particularly interested in politics, music and foreign languages. After taking part in the IELMUN simulation in Istanbul during high school and serving as multitask Press- and Semi-Crisis Coordinator in the Crisis team last year, he is back as Deputy Secretary General for 2019. In this position he hopes to create an unforgettable conference for everyone involved and make MEDMUN even better than it is already. When he is not working on that, you may find him playing the ukulele, studying Turkish or going shopping in Italy. Tobias is delighted to welcome you to this year’s MEDMUN conference and keen on meeting our delegates and chairs from all around the world.


Ramina Krivich is MEDMUN 2019’s Housing and Visa Coordinator. She was born in a Russian-speaking family with Turkish and Tatar roots, raised in a newly independent post-Soviet Kazakhstan, educated in a British school, and here she is, pursuing her studies in the sunniest corner of the French Riviera. This exposure to a myriad of cultures - from Asian to Turkic to Russian - influenced the formation of her own political identity and made politics a special point of interest for her. This spring she will be torn between doing her Economics homework, being a remote Kazakhstani opposition activist and taking care of her beloved delegates!

hamza bensouda - french and arabic content coordinator

 Hamza Bensouda is a second-year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton and will be your French and Arabic Content Coordinator this year. He was born and raised in Agadir, a town located by the sea in Morocco. Suffice to say, the words “sea, sun and lemon” that echo throughout Menton reminded him of home and pulled him to this little town by the Riviera. Speaking four languages fluently and with an ambition to work in the government, this campus fit his requirements perfectly.  In the past, Hamza has been an interpreter, chair, delegate, journalist, a translator as well as worked in the Secretariat for MUN. Loving each and every role he’s played, Hamza is excited to welcome everyone to MEDMUN 2019 and hopes the experience is as enriching to you as it has been for him.  



Aksel Gökçek is a French and Turkish second year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton, majoring in Politics and Government. Although born and raised in France, he has experienced a binational upbringing. Yet, he considers not being able to speak Turkish properly as the greatest shame of his life. The programme at the Menton campus catered to his keen interest in the changes in the Turkish political field during the last decade as well as the evolving Middle East region. Although by the end of MEDMUN last year he was far too fatigued by the non-advisable mixture of no-sleep/committee session/parties/too much caffeine (a mixture that you, dear delegates, are sure to enjoy as well), he fell in love with MUN. Aksel is more than excited to make sure you enjoy your few days in the French Riviera as this year’s MEDMUN Events Coordinator.

jing-syuan wong - assistant of housing and visa coordinator

Jing-Syuan Wong is a second year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Born and raised in Taipei, Jing-Syuan had always wanted to experience living abroad, and when she was 16 she went to Athens, Georgia, U.S. as an exchange student. Her experiences with MUN in high school and Sciences Po Menton were very rewarding. Thanks to the international exposure and previous involvement, Jing-Syuan wish to further her passion for MUN this year as Assistant of Housing and Visa Coordinator. Jing-Syuan has high expectations for the 2019 Conference and looks forward to welcoming everybody to this unique event.


 Eden Chua is a first year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Born and raised in Singapore, a small yet significant island-nation, she is eager to venture out into the wider world to meet people from varied backgrounds and hear their stories. Having participated in various roles in MUN conferences in Singapore, Germany, and USA she is excited to embark on yet another MUN journey - this time on the Mediterranean. In her free time, she experiments with cooking and tries to plan trips around Europe in the face of both finite time and a limited student budget. Eden looks forwards to meeting everyone in this cosy, sunny corner of the Mediterranean soon!

asma azzouzi - deputy chair coordinator

Asma Azzouzi is a French and Tunisian first year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Born and raised in Tunisia, Asma interest in geopolitics and international relations peaked after witnessing the Tunisian Revolution in 2011. She chose the Menton campus to learn about all the issues and challenges faced by the MENA region and to delve further into her roots. Last year, Asma took part in MEDMUN by chairing the Third Commission, an experience that enhanced her passion for MUN. Asma is the Deputy Chair Coordinator at MEDMUN 2019 and looks forward to welcoming all the delegates and chairs on the Northern side of her beloved Mediterranean.

karolina stankiewicz undersecretary of logistics

Karolina Stankiewicz is a second year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton, majoring in Economy & Society as a part of the Dual Degree programme between Sciences Po and University College London. She chose to study in Menton because she felt that understanding the Middle East was key to understanding global politics. Karolina comes from Warsaw, where she was involved in organising Poland’s biggest MUN conference, first as a Chair and then as the USG of Logistics. After serving as the Deputy Head of Logistics during MEDMUN 2018, she is excited to return to the Secretariat as the Undersecretary of Logistics this year.


Domitilla is 19-years-old Italian student and UWC Adriatic alumna currently in her second year at Sciences Po in Menton. She is passionate about Political Science, theatre and debating which is why she loves MUN so much! After receiving a Best Delegate award and a Honourable Mention in two conferences in Naples and Triest, she joined MEDMUN last year as President Mattarella, chairing the very special Italian committee. This year she has dedicated herself to the organization of the conference as Undersecretary of Partnerships and Italian content supervisor. She hopes to contribute to the Secretariat team with her enthusiasm and passion and wishes everyone an exciting conference!


Omar Auf is an Egyptian second year majoring in Economics and Society here at Sciences Po Menton. He's had his fair share in MUN as a delegate, chair, and behind the scenes as well. Last year, he was the chair of the Arab League Council which was a fascinating experience. This year he's come for more, but will move the strings from behind the scenes as your Chair Coordinator. It is his job to facilitate communication between the chairs and everyone else, and facilitate he shall - in the smoothest sense, he hopes. Outside of the battlefield of MUN, Omar likes to write, read, skateboard and consume large quantities of pizza.


Ian Christensen is a first year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton from Denver, United States. He has grown up in a very international family including members from Japan, Brazil and the United Kingdom. He founded his high school’s first Model UN and fell in love with the simulation, as well as the people that it attracts. He won his first three conferences as a Delegate and is very excited to gain the experience of planning and executing a conference himself as the English Content Coordinator. Ian is ecstatic to meet all the delegations, chairs, speakers, and attendees from every corner of the planet this spring 2019, and hopes that everyone finds it to be just as memorable.


 Julie Nosch is a first year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. She was born in Munich but raised in Copenhagen and has lived in both Paris and Los Angeles. Despite of – or perhaps of – her very ‘Western’ background, she grew interested in the MENA region from an early age - which lead her to Menton. She fell in love with the spirit of MUN in high school, having organised as well as participated as a delegate. When she is not involved with the logistics of MEDMUN, folding hundreds of placards and checking time schedules, she likes reading at les Sablettes or going for a run to Italy in the evening sun.


Pierre Desplats, Deputy Undersecretary of Communications, is a first year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Although he spent his whole life in the town where he was born, - in a suburb of Paris - he has acquired a particular taste for opening up to the world, and especially to the MENA area. He's keen on debating and everything else that is related to eloquence, which is why he is also a member of the French Federation of Eloquence. His passions have led him to be involved in numerous MUN conferences, as a delegate and an organiser working with both Secretariat and Crisis teams. All of this explain why he can't wait to welcome you for MEDMUN 2019.


Blandine Bonneville is a French first year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton, as part of the dual degree between Sciences Po and the University of British Columbia. She partially grew up in Luxembourg, a city which opened her up to multiculturalism. In 2011, Blandine visited Syria and was seduced by the Middle Eastern culture and hospitality. The following revolutions in the region triggered her interest for the conducts of political regimes. This year Blandine will be the coordinator of the International Court of Justice simulation. Passionate for MUN, she wants to make this conference unforgettable and intellectually challenging for both chairs and delegates alike.


Safia Southey is a second year student studying at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton, as part of the Dual BA program between Sciences Po and Columbia University. Born and raised in New York City, she has also lived in Cairo, Vancouver, Paris, and Amman. With all of these global homes, Safia has learned to understand issues from a multitude of perspectives. Safia considers herself an international relations nerd, and has been in love with Middle Eastern relations and culture since she witnessed riots in the streets of Paris during the second Intifada. Seeing this prompted her to delve deeper into the issues that face the MENA region.  As a part of her high school’s Model UN, she is incredibly excited to once again be a part of MUN, this time as Head of Media, and to make this year’s MEDMUN conference as special and intellectually stimulating as possible.


Sara is a second year student in the dual BA between Sciences Po Paris, campus de Menton and the National University of Singapore. Having lived in several countries and being fluent in four languages, she is a strong believer in diversity. This is why she is extremely excited to be part of the secretariat of MEDMUN, a conference that epitomises the same diversity. She believes that a successful conference is one which is not just intellectually stimulating but where every participant feels at ease and enjoys every moment. As the Undersecretary of Finance, she hopes to draw from her experiences in previous MUNs to create a memorable and unique experience for all delegates and chairs from the point of application to bidding farewell to our beautiful campus. 

zineb ouadih - delegate coordinator

Born and raised in beautiful Morocco (which she mentions at every chance she gets), Zineb moved to the equally gorgeous Riviera to fulfill her passion for both international security and the Middle Eastern mosaic of cultures. She is now a second year student specializing in Political Humanities. Due to the rise of Islamism in her native country, the matter of freedom is very close to her heart. She tried to take the matter in hand as an attendee to MEDMUN 2017, when she was still a passionate high schooler eager to discover the machinery behind the UN. After a wonderful conference, her hope is to craft an even better experience for MEDMUN 2019 as a Delegate Coordinator!

toshali sengupta - secretary and it coordinator

Toshali Sengupta is a first year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Although originally from India she’s lived most of her life in Oman. Toshali’s interests lie in History and International Relations, especially with a focus on the Middle East. Living under a monarchy in an Islamic country whilst attending an international school has given her a multitude of perspectives and opened her mind to both Oriental and Occidental points of view. Having only worked as a delegate in the past, Toshali wanted to be part of a team organising a conference to gain new experiences. She is very eager to meet delegates from around the world and is sure that they will enjoy the conference organised for them.

daniel harrich - deputy delegate coordinator

Daniel Harrich is a first year student at SciencesPo, as part of their Dual BA Program with Columbia University. Born to an Austrian father and a Syrian mother, he has been interested in Middle Eastern politics from a very early age. His interests lie in the Middle East, conflict causes and resolutions, and the influence of the United Nations - making MUN a strong passion. While his studies at SciencesPo's Menton Campus naturally lend themselves to an educational focus on the Middle East, Daniel has also spent the past 8 years living in the Levant. He was involved in his school's MUN Club for every conference in his six years there which finally culminated in him being the Secretary-General for LEBMUN. Daniel speaks English and Arabic fluently (German is a 50/50 depending on his mood), and is looking forward to getting better at speaking French. He is extremely honored to be serving as this year's Deputy Delegate Coordinator, and is looking forward to meeting all of you in March!

jade mouton - english icj coordinator

Jade Mouton is a French-American first year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. She grew up in a French family living abroad, and was born in the United States but has lived most of her life in Berlin, Germany. This international upbringing made her passion for intercultural dialogue, languages, and eventually international politics seem inevitable, and from a young age she found MUN to be the platform on which to express and explore this interest. Attending a number of conferences in a variety of roles during high school helped reaffirm this passion into an ambition, and attending MEDMUN as a Chair two years ago helped her decide Sciences Po Menton was the place to pursue that ambition. She hopes to inform the direction of her studies and career through her interest in international law, and looks forward to the high level of debate and deliberation in MEDMUN 2019's ICJ.

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