The MEDMUN 2023 Secretariat


Ines Jabri


Ines Jabri is a second-year student at Sciences Po Paris, Menton Campus. Born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco, she has progressively developed a sense of curiosity about the MENA region, its geopolitics and socioeconomic concerns, which made her realize that studying in this campus is the optimal path for her to deepen her knowledge on the Arab world and the history behind conflicts in this region. Passionate about diplomacy and international relations, she discovered quickly that Model United Nations is a unique opportunity to broaden her horizons on different cultures while meeting people from abroad, and an excellent exercise to analyze various perspectives on crucial stakes and issues the world is facing today. For that matter, her participation in several conferences such as MFNU in The Hague, AMMUN in Rabat, OSUIMUN in Casablanca, FERMUN in Geneva or even SPMUN in Reims has ingrained a fondness for debates, which convinced her to get involved in the organization of last year’s conference in Menton, as Secretary, Day-Of Logistics and Projects Supervisor, to get involved in the work behind the curtains. After this rich journey, she had the honor to be elected Secretary-General of MEDMUN 2023. Therefore, she is beyond proud and determined, with the talented members of the board, to make this year’s conference a truly successful and enriching human experience.

Maria-Vera Azadian

Deputy Secretary-General

Maria-Vera Azadian is a second-year student completing the Dual BA program between Sciences Po Paris’ Menton campus and Columbia University, where she is majoring in Political Humanities. A crisis delegate through and through, she has been thoroughly involved in Model United Nations for the past three years, participating in, chairing and staffing multiple conferences, such as McMUN and MUNC in Montreal, NAMUN in Toronto, and even SPMUN 2021 in Reims. Most recently, she was your head of Marketing during MEDMUN 2022. Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, her Armenian-Lebanese roots have led her to develop a passion for the diplomacy of the MENA region, and she especially hopes to work in the field in the future. Other than MUN, she loves graphic design, animated series and philosophy! She is more than honoured to be your Deputy Secretary-General this year and looks forward to delivering an unforgettable eleventh edition of MEDMUN!

Content Pole

Lilou Ornella-D'Inca

Conference Director

Vinciane Rosenzweig

head of delegations

Vinciane Rosenzweig is a first-year student at Sciences Po, Menton campus. She is French but grew up in the United Arab Emirates, in Dubai since she was 4 years old. Living in the Middle East made her develop a particular interest in the region, the conflicts and relations states have with each other. Later, she would like to get involved in humanitarian work, child protection, mainly in the Middle East. As a Head of Delegations, she hopes to make the conference run as smoothly as possible and make everyone enjoy this MEDMUN experience to make it memorable!


Sami omaish

ıcj Director

Sami Omaish is a first-year student in the Dual BA Program between Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton and Columbia University. Born in Madrid, Spain to a Jordanian father and an American mother and raised between Jordan and the US, Sami has always been attracted to experiencing new cultures and learning new languages, speaking English, French and Spanish fluently. Aiming to reconnect with his Middle Eastern heritage and relearn Arabic, Sami chose to come to the Menton campus. Sami is currently in his fifth year of experience with Model UN, and is very excited to be this year's ICJ Coordinator. He holds a deep interest in the workings of international law and a passion for human rights, and sees the value Model UN can have in the real world. He hopes to make the ICJ conference an enriching and inspiring experience for all, and cannot wait to welcome you to Menton!

Lilou-ornella d'inca

italian committee director

Lilou is a French-Italian first-year student at Sciences Po Menton. Intrigued by humanitarian and geopolitical issues in the Middle East, she joined the Menton campus to gain a non-Eurocentric view on global affairs and to be confronted with the multicultural reality of this university. Lilou’s interest and experience in Model United Nations stem from her participation as Delegate and Chair in numerous MUN conferences, as well as from her leadership of her high school’s Model UN team and orchestration of two International MUN conferences. Residing in Italy for most of her life, her first-hand knowledge of the peninsula’s culture and dynamics has motivated her to become the Italian Committee Director for MEDMUN 2021. By taking on this role, she wishes to offer Delegates and Chairs the opportunity to draw parallels and comparisons between current issues in Italy and their equivalents in other regions. Most importantly, she seeks to challenge stakeholders’ communication and problem-solving skills and to instill a long-term passion in them for Mediterranean affairs. A presto!

Yacine ghedas

Head of finance, catering, transportation and ACCOMMODATION

Yacine Ghedas is a 1st year student at Sciences Po Campus Menton. He was born and raised in the city of Sousse, the tourist capital of Tunisia. Being a student at the French high school in Tunis, he quickly developed a cultural versatility between North African culture and his French centered schooling. Since his early childhood, Yacine witnessed the illustrious Jasmine revolution that shook Tunisia in 2011. This major event is considered as a turning point in the modern history of the region. Furthermore, Yacine has always been passionate about the MENA region and interested in the reciprocal relations that bind it to Europe. Both regions share access to the majestic Mediterranean Sea, etched by a rich history and cultural diversity. Since 2016, Yacine, wishing to be involved in the civil society, has been part of an association aiming for public interest. He also had the opportunity to participate in several MUN simulations and was elected treasurer of his high school’s MUN club. Therefore, he is honoured to be the MEDMUN “Head of finance, Catering, Transportation and Accommodation” and will gladly contribute to this year’s MEDMUN conference.

Giulia Vigoriti


Giulia is an Italian first-year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton.

Her Europe and humanities-focused education in high school and her love for challenges lead her to apply to the Middle East and Mediterranean Programme of Sciences Po, as she finds the MENA region to be one of the most culturally rich, intricate, and fascinating corners of the world. Her experience living abroad and being involved in various MUNs, as well as her passion for economics, led her to take over the role of Head of Finance. As such, she will ensure that the logistics are being taken care of and will help to work towards creating the perfect conference in every aspect!

Nour gharbi

head of partnerships and sponsorships

Nour is a second-year student at Sciences Po, Menton campus. Born and raised in Tunisia, she has grown up in a political environment that encourages the power of words and ideas. Model United Nations have fascinated Nour throughout her journey, particularly the ones dealing with the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern region. She was last year’s Head of delegations and is thrilled to participate in 2022! As the Head of Partnerships and Sponsorships, her hope is to make this year’s conference memorable for everyone. Her motto is: everything gets better with harissa and olives!

Lucas Desgardin

Delegate and Content Coordinator for French Committees

Currently a first-year student at Sciences Po Paris campus of Menton, Lucas Desgardin is beyond excited to join the 2021-2022 MEDMUN team as the Delegate and Content Coordinator for French Committees. Born in Cannes and raised in Paris, Lucas is extremely passionate about Middle Eastern politics and international relations. Growing up in Paris, surrounded by a French dad and a Jordanian mom has always made him immersed in a multicultural environment. Traveling around countries such as Tunisia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates or even experimenting life in Jordan for a few months, where he could observe the socio-political situation in an Arab country, made him want to deepen his analysis of the MENA region. Choosing the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean campus was thus the natural choice to pursue his higher education in the field of diplomacy and global affairs in the French ministry of foreign affairs. Lucas has always been intrigued and captivated by the interaction between France and some Arab countries, as well as the relationship between religion and politics in the MENA region. He is looking forward to contributing to MEDMUN 2022 as well as making it a memorable and enriching experience for all those involved. Promoting diplomacy in this region is one of his major goals because like Napoleon Bonaparte once said: “diplomacy is the police in grand costume”.

Ines jabri

Secretary, Day-Of Logistics and projects supervisor

Ines Jabri is a first-year student at Sciences Po Paris, Menton Campus. Born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco, she developed progressively a sense of curiosity about the MENA region, its geopolitics and socioeconomic concerns which made her realize eventually the crucial stakes of the contemporary era. Studying in this campus is for her the optimal path to deepen her knowledge on the Arab world and the history behind conflicts in this region, but also to broaden her horizons on international relations and diplomacy. Her commitment in the MUN club of her high school has ingrained a fondness for debates, given that she had the chance to take part in several conferences such as MFNU, AMMUN and FERMUN in Geneva where she held the mask of a proper Moroccan diplomat with pride. Ines has also detained the position of Secretary-General of OSUIMUN, her high school MUN. As she is entering her fifth year of experience in Model UN, she is more than thrilled to join MEDMUN as the Secretary, Day-Of Logistics and Project Supervisor, and will thus ensure the effectiveness of the conference’s organization and supervise other events. Making MEDMUN 2021 a fruitful, enriching and memorable experience is now one of her most meaningful objectives!

Angeliki Vytogianni

chair coordinator for english committees

Angeliki Vytogianni is a first-year student at Sciences Po Paris, campus of Menton, studying the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern region. Coming from Greece, she is very invested in these cultures and the geopolitical issues that arise in the Mediterranean Sea, so for the last 5 years she has been spending her free time reading about issues of the region and participating in conferences around Europe. She also likes to get creative, show her artistic side, and spend time in nature. She started Model United Nations in 2017 and her favorite aspect of the conferences is the diversity and the million different points of view that can exist in a single committee. As this year’s Chair Coordinator for English Committees in MEDMUN, she is delighted to be able to uphold the intellectuality and interdisciplinarity of the conference for all participants.

Ayşe lara selçuker

turkish committee director

Ayşe Lara Selçuker is a Turkish first-year enrolled in the Dual BA Program Between Columbia University and Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Raised in Istanbul, Turkey, Ayşe Lara spent her last three years of high school in an American boarding school where she had the chance to see her country from an outsider’s perspective, both at school and during her study abroad experience in Paris, France. She is particularly honored and excited about MEDMUN because of the unique linguistic aspect of the conference, which allows for a much more diverse body from around the world to partake in intellectual discourse about the Middle East. Combining the cultural connection she has to Turkey and the experiential understanding of having lived abroad, she looks forward to joining the MEDMUN Secretariat as the Turkish Committee Director.

Emma De Montis

Head of Operations, Workshops, charity and Outreach


Emma is a French-Spanish second-year student at Sciences Po Paris, Menton campus. Born and raised on a Spanish island called Mallorca, the Mediterranean Sea is her home. That is why Emma is so excited to participate in MEDMUN, a conference focused on the MENA region and the Mediterranean. Emma de Montis will be your MEDMUN 2022 Head of Operations, Workshops, Charity and Outreach. Emma is passionate about international relations and geopolitics. She believes that Model UN helps us take the first step towards change, by making us conscious of what is happening in the world surrounding us. Emma cannot wait to welcome everyone in Menton and she is looking forward to following your debates and discussions.

Pau Carbonell gilabert

Spanish Committee director

Pau Carbonell Gilabert is a first-year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus of Menton. Born and raised in Barcelona, he is used to being part of a diverse, tolerant and multicultural environment. His passion for the Mediterranean region and his enthusiasm for the history of this area evolved into political and economic interest as well. Participating in the Topeka Model UN 2019 in the state of Kansas as a delegate from Iraq really was the turning point that cultivated Pau’s interest in the Middle East region as well as his motivation to join Model UN and MEDMUN cause at Sciences Po. He is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Catalan, interesting languages in bridging the gap between the Mediterranean, the American and the Spanish National Identities. He is passionate about Classical and Pre-Columbian civilizations. Pau is prepared and excited to serve as the Spanish Committee Director for this year’s conference. In order to make MEDMUN 2021 remarkable, special and memorable, Pau is committed to select the most suitable delegates, topics and representatives to hopefully have a great debate and conference.

emilio egger prieto

delegate and content coordinator for ENGLISH COMMITTEES

Emilio Egger Prieto is a 1A in the Dual BA program with Columbia University, born in Switzerland to a Spanish mother and an Austrian father. Living most of his life in Qatar is what awoke in him a passion for Middle Eastern politics, cultures, languages, and societies. Emilio has participated in various MUN conferences and debate competitions including Young Leaders’ MUN which he founded and in which he also served as Secretary General and President of the General Assembly. As this year’s English Delegate and Content Coordinator, Emilio will work alongside his French counterpart to create issues for the committees of MEDMUN as well as to identify suitable delegates and committees which fit them best.

Sandra el alam

chair Coordinator for french Committees

Sandra is a first-year student at Sciences Po Paris, Menton campus. She is French and originally Lebanese and Algerian. Her Mediterranean roots, as well as her will of understanding the complex political, geopolitical, societal, economical aspects of the MENA region were as many crucial factors that made her choose the Campus of Menton. She has always been fascinated by the UN and how it strives to make our world better for all societies. Sandra believes that Model UN are a huge opportunity to get closer to a reality that can sometimes seem far from us. This year, Sandra is more than thrilled to be your MEDMUN 2022 Chair Coordinator for French Committees and is looking forward to welcoming you in the lovely City of Lemons, as well as following all your riveting debates and discussions.

Morgane abbas

icc coordinator

Currently a 17-year-old second-year student in Politics and Government, Sciences Po Menton, Morgane Abbas is beyond excited to join the 2021-2022 MEDMUN team as the International Criminal Court Coordinator! Growing up in Paris, surrounded by a Moroccan mother and a Syrian father, while following a Bachibac cursus that focuses on the Hispanic world, she has always been immersed in a Mediterranean multiculturalist approach that helped her both in a human and intellectual way. Even if she always has been captivated by the MENA region, which role is this much determinant as for the world geostrategy and prosperity, travelling around countries such as Morocco, Lebanon or even experimenting life in Syria for a few weeks made her want to deepen her analysis of it. She was part of the crisis team last year within which she created one of the scenarios of the crisis committee. This beautiful experience made her want to continue her commitment in the association. This year, Morgane is honored to be in charge of the International Criminal Court that has been introduced for the first time in the conference program, and will do her best to make this experience memorable! Apart from that, Morgane is keen on playing music (piano and violin) and learning new languages when the opportunity comes to her, because to her they represent the key to cultural authenticity, as well as writing and reading.

Kaoutar Laklalech

arabic committee director

Kaoutar is a second-year student at Sciences Po Menton majoring in Economy and Society. Born and raised in Fès, Morocco, Kaoutar always expressed a strong interest in public speaking, Moroccan politics, diplomacy and more generally MENA international relations. This led her to participate in the MEDMUN 2020 Arab League Committee where she represented Morocco. Having loved this experience, Kaoutar decided to become part of the team and hopes to make MEDMUN 2021 an unforgettable event for all the chairs and delegates of the Arabic Committee.

Maria-Vera Azadian

head of marketing

Maria-Vera Azadian is a first-year student currently completing the Dual BA program between Sciences Po Paris’ Menton campus and Columbia University. Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, her Armenian-Lebanese roots have led her to her fascination with the politics and social movements of the MENA region. A crisis delegate through and through, she has been thoroughly involved in Model United Nations for the past two years, chairing, staffing, and directing multiple committees across Montreal. Besides MUN, she enjoys Armenian food, good books and philosophy debates on the beach. She is delighted to be Head of Marketing this year and looks forward to meeting all of you in March!

ata tezel

Ad Hoc Committee director

Ata is a first-year student enrolled in the dual degree program between Columbia University and Sciences Po Paris, Menton campus. Born in Istanbul, he spent his early childhood in Paris before returning to his homeland where he grew a strong interest in contemporary politics and started to get involved in Model UN. He completed his high-school studies in India while engaging with a particularly diverse community that helped him enrich his world view. Ata has been involved in Model UN and debating for five years and has experience in various types of committees from General Assembly to crisis. He is interested in the socioeconomics, politics, and diplomatic relations of Middle Eastern and European nations hence is very excited to take part in MEDMUN, a conference that specifically focuses on his region of interest. Ata is beyond thrilled to welcome delegates from all around the globe and is looking forward to contributing to the rich discussions that await the most experienced delegates of MEDMUN!

Georgia Mckerracher

Head of press

Georgia McKerracher is a first-year student at Sciences Po, on the Menton Campus. From Australia, she is sad that she won’t be able to arrive on the campus face-to-face for now, but is looking forward to doing so in January 2022. She will be fulfilling the role of MEDMUN’s Head of Press, and is thrilled to be able to explore and write about the ever-changing landscape of international affairs in the MENA region and beyond. She is looking forward to working with people from all over the globe, and passionately pursuing the unique experiences that MEDMUN has to offer.