The MEDMUN 2018 Secretariat

Madison Haussy - Secretary General


Madison Haussy is a second year student in the Dual B.A. between Sciences Po and Columbia University. From a Franco-American household, Madison grew up in Colorado, where she co-founded a MUN society in her high school. Here in Menton, she is specializing in law; at Columbia, she hopes to major in sociology and see where the two disciplines and her languages (including English, French, Arabic, Spanish) take her. When not working on MEDMUN or school, Madison likes to read, play rugby & basketball, hike, and have dinners with friends. Madison is more than excited to serve as MEDMUN's Secretary General this year and can't wait to see you all in March!

Edanur Hardal - Deputy secretary general

Edanur Hardal is a second year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton as part of the Dual BA program between Sciences Po and Columbia. Edanur has studied in a French high school in Istanbul and is perfectly trilingual in English, French and Turkish. She is looking forward to working towards an unforgettable conference as Deputy Secretary General of the 6th edition of MEDMUN and is excited to see once again how youth can impact the world. You can find her humming songs while reading the news in the morning, rushing to the volleyball practices in the evening, or trying to learn Italian and Arabic during the day. She cannot wait to host delegates, chairs, and advisors from all around the world for the best MEDMUN conference yet in the city of lemon, sun, and sea! 


Anna Giulia Murgia - Head of logistics

Anna Giulia Murgia is a second year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Born and raised in Sardinia, Anna Giulia had always wanted to experience living abroad, and when she was 16 she moved to the UK in order to finish high school in a British sixth form college. Thanks to this international exposure, Anna Giulia discovered her passion for MUN, which she first became involved with as a delegate and then as a Secretary General. 
 She was the Italian Committee and Workshop Assistant in the MEDMUN 2017 Conference, and this year she will be part of the Secretariat as Head of Logistics. Anna Giulia has high expectations for the 2018 Conference and she looks forward to welcoming everybody to this unique event.

Marquise Akamba Mbono - Head of Marketing

Marquise Akamba Mbono is a second year student at the Mediterranean campus of Menton. Settled between Cameroon and France, Marquise is very much experienced with social, political, and cultural diversity. Her choice of coming to Menton was another step into fulfilling her dream of discovering as many cultures as possible. Therefore Marquise will be more then happy to welcome you all delegates and chairs coming from the four corners of the earth. As head of Marketing for MEDMUN this year, she will be “harassing” you with cool graphics and posts related to MEDMUN 2018, but don’t worry- it’s all done with love. 


Safia Southey - Head of Media


Safia Southey is a first year student studying at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton, as part of the Dual BA program between Sciences Po and Columbia University. Born and raised in New York City, she has also lived in Cairo, Vancouver, Paris, and Amman. With all of these global homes, Safia has learned to understand issues from a multitude of perspectives. Safia considers herself an international relations nerd, and has been in love with Middle Eastern relations and culture since she witnessed riots in the streets of Paris during the second Intifada. Seeing this prompted her to delve deeper into the issues that face the MENA region.  As a part of her high school’s Model UN, she is incredibly excited to once again be a part of MUN, this time as Head of Media, and to make this year’s MEDMUN conference as special and intellectually stimulating as possible.

Farah Abdallah - Delegate coordinator

Farah Abdallah is a second year student from Lebanon passionate about the Mena region. Last year, she took part in MEDMUN as a delegate in the French Human rights committee. This year she wanted a more in-depth experience with the MUN world, pushing her to take responsibilities in our board. Having lived most of her life in Lebanon, a beautiful but yet divided country, she is well aware of the kind of issues that our conference is based on.

Those issues, linked to great academic achievements, are the reason which led her to the Menton’s Campus of SciencesPo Paris and now to take part in the 2018th edition of MEDMUN. She will be your delegate coordinator this year, providing you with her ability to find the best delegates for the best comity. Her joyful and generous personality combined to her professional skills are going to be a key element of the great spirit of the conference.

Jessie Lim - Content supervisor

Jessie Lim is a second year English track student enrolled in the Dual BA between Sciences Po and the National University of Singapore. She is excited to be MEDMUN's Content Supervisor this year, and looks forward to welcoming delegates to Menton, the prettiest town in France. Originally from Singapore, another small seaside city, Jessie dabbled in MUN in high school, serving as a Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations Association of Singapore Model United Nations in 2015. Her real-life interests include politics, journalism, cooking and watching cat videos. 

Ramina Krivich - Deputy Social and Partnerships Coordinator

Ramina Krivich is MEDMUN 2018’s Deputy Partnerships & Social Coordinator. She was born in a family with Turkish and Tatar roots in the developing post-soviet community of Kazakhstan. Ramina also speaks Russian, English, Kazakh and Tatar. Currently, she is the 1st year student (English Track) in Sciences Po, campus de Menton. Coming from such international background, Ramina eye witnessed a wide range of social dilemmas and global challenges over the course of her life and she is eager to enhance her political knowledge even more by being a part of MEDMUN society. 

Rosalyn Jeffries - Head of Finance

Rosalyn Jeffries is a second year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton, as part of the Dual BA program between Sciences Po and University of California, Berkeley. Rosalyn was born and raised in Northern California and she has been interested in international relations specifically in the Middle East for many years, making Menton the perfect place to be. After participating as a delegate at MEDMUN 2017, Rosalyn is excited to serve as Head of Finance this year on MEDMUN 2018 secretariat and she looks forward to welcoming all of the new delegates to Menton!

Jérémy Pezout - Partnerships and social coordinator

Jérémy Pezout is a French second year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Having lived half of his life in the Middle East, whether it is in the UAE, Jordan or Palestine, Jérémy developed an open-mindedness and a curiosity for international relations characteristic of MEDMUN.He will be part of MEDMUN 2018's Secretariat as Head of Partnerships and Social Coordinator, allowing him to display his well-known social talents. Jérémy was part of the MEDMUN 2017’s Crisis Staff as the Historical Crisis Coordinator Assistant in which he did a remarkable job including hostage takings and assassinations. Jérémy looks forward to discovering a new side of MEDMUN’s organization this year and to share it with you, along with his big smiles and his comic remarks. As a rock dance teacher, he will make you move to the rhythm of MEDMUN, a dance that you will never forget!

Jordan Bates-Wright - ICJ Coordinator

Jordan Bates-Wright is a second year Canadian student at the Sciences Po Paris campus de Menton, Her decision to study politics came shortly after working in education policy as a student trustee in 2015. Since then her passion for project development and public policy has driven her to pursue further studies in international law and sustainable development. As a self proclaimed pacifist from the ripe young age of 7, Jordan later went on to fight competitively and receive her black belt in Taekwondo and has been living with this absurd internal dichotomy ever since.  As coordinator for the International Court of Justice for MEDMUN 2018 she looks forward to welcoming delegates to a compelling and intellectually challenging MUN conference and ICJ simulation. 

Genevieve grant - Secretary and I.t. Coordinator

Genevieve Grant is an American national and first year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton. Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, Genevieve is continuing her binational experience as a member of the Dual BA with Columbia. Growing up in the midst of on and off political turmoil, she became interested in the rise and subsequent globalization of extremism early on, being personally impacted Genevieve in 2009, when a meeting her father was supposed to attend was bombed by militants, killing some colleagues. Since then, Genevieve has felt personally attached to the study of the roots and the spread of global terror and hopes to further her study of these issues in order to be a part of their solutions. Genevieve is beyond excited to help make MEDMUN 2018 an engaging experience for all its participants as they immerse themselves in the issues facing the MENA and Mediterranean region, and hopefully immerse themselves in the Mediterranean itself, at least once! 

Karolina Stankiewicz - Logistics Assistant

Karolina Stankiewicz is a first year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton, as part of the Dual Degree program between Sciences Po and UCL. Karolina comes from Warsaw, where she was engaged in organising Poland’s biggest MUN conference, first as a Chair and then as Head of Logistics. She chose to come to Sciences Po because she felt that understanding the Middle East was crucial to understanding politics all around the world. Karolina is the Deputy Head of Logistics at MEDMUN 2018 and hopes she can help in providing the delegates an unforgettable experience. 

Dorra Hamza - I.C.J. coordinator

Dorra Hamza is a first year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton  who has lived most of her life in Tunisia. In 2011, Dorra has witnessed the Tunisian revolution in her home country, that affected her greatly and left a deep impact on her. As a truly eye opening experience, this triggered in her a special Interest in the Middle Eastern dynamics and geopolitics, which has lead her to participate to many United Nations simulations. This year, Dorra will be responsible for the coordination of the International Court of Justice simulation. Dorra looks forward to welcoming the delegates, chairs, and other attendees of the ICJ in MEDMUN 2018 and hopes the conference will be an unforgettable, exciting , and challenging experience for all involved.

Hamza Bensouda - content supervisor

Hamza Bensouda  is a first year student at Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton who is a part of the secretary board of MEDMUN2018. He was born and raised in Agadir, a town located by the sea in Morocco. Hamza has already an experience with the MUN that he finds a good concept and enriching project for youth. He was interpreter, chair, delegate, journalist and a translator and loved every single job that he had to play during MUN. This year, he is the French Content Supervisor and hopes to keep on doing a great job on MUN. You can find him playing volleyball with some friends, having a debate after every History of the Middle East class, singing when he feels good or just reading when he finishes his homework. Hamza is beyond excited to meet the delegates and chairs, and he also hopes you’ll have a good time in MEDMUN. 

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