mediterranean model United Nations

March 27th to 29TH, 2020

Letter from the secretary general

Dear chairs, delegates, faculty advisors and MUN enthusiasts,


It is my pleasure to invite you to the eighth annual conference of the Mediterranean

Model United Nations (MEDMUN), which will be held from the 27th to the 29th of March

2019 in Menton . 


                                   MEDMUN is a challenging United Nations simulation hosted by the                                                 Middle Eastern and Mediterranean studies campus of Science Po Paris. It                                     tackles the complex political, economic and social issues facing                                                           Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and North African countries today.


                                   Held in one of Europe’s leading Political Science and International

                                   Relations universities, one of France Grandes Ecoles”, MEDMUN                                                           constantly strives to provide students of diverse academic and social backgrounds with an opportunity to

                            better understand the world of diplomacy and international affairs, as well as the dynamics of the United Nations.


Featuring world-class keynote speakers who are experts in the MENA region and diplomacy,

MEDMUN offers its participants multifaceted perspectives on pressing global issues. This

year’s conference will work in and with five languages. English, French, Italian and Arabic

will be at the core of our debates but the novelty this year is the creation of a new committee

in Turkish!

Committees will operate in an integrated way featuring a real-time crisis simulation, an

interconnected press network and dedicated NGOs. 


For many of us, security and freedom have been major preoccupations during the past

decades. The Mediterranean and the Middle-Eastern regions are facing decisive challenges. 

Our conference theme will be focusing on “Multilateral security in conflict and post-conflict


This theme will permeate through all aspects of conference. A great emphasis will be placed

on promoting common ground among our delegates and a global view to foster the

importance of civil societies in the international agenda. 


MEDMUN not only promises a unique academic experience, but also an opportunity to build

friendships and network in a dynamic atmosphere. Thanks to our unique location on the

French Riviera, our participants enjoy each year a number of exciting social events in

Menton, Monaco and beyond.


I look forward to welcoming you to another exceptional conference in our little corner of the

French Riviera!


Yours sincerely,


Asma Azzouzi 

Secretary General 

Mediterranean Model United Nations 2020