Comitato Italiano

Unione per il Mediterraneo


Founded in 2008, the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) is a 42-member intergovernmental organization that brings together the EU’s 27 member states, and 15 Mediterranean partner countries from North Africa, Western Asia, and Southern Europe. Aiming to promote regional cooperation, dialogue, and the implementation of initiatives in the Mediterranean region, the UfM’s three main pillars are stability, human development, and integration. Foreign Affairs Ministers gather on a yearly basis to discuss regional strategic issues in the union’s headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, with a special focus on youth, women, and sustainable development. 

The MEDMUN UfM Committee will address two main themes: drug trafficking as a means of financing organised criminal associations, and the 2015 peak in Libyan migration towards Europe. These probing questions will offer Delegates the opportunity to suggest short-term and long-term solutions to these problems, and they will encourage students to reflect on both current situations (such as the profits of drug trafficking), as well as past crises (as with the Libyan immigration case).


Tema 1: Lo sviluppo di misure efficaci per prevenire e contrastare il finanziamento di organizzazioni criminali organizzate attraverso il traffico di droga.

Tema 2: La creazione di un nuovo accordo tra stati europei e della regione MENA volto a regolare il picco nel flusso migratorio libico verso l’Europa del 2015.