English Committees

Every year MEDMUN includes three english committees. In these committees delegates have the chance to showcase their research, and debate skills in an atmosphere similar to that of the UN. The topics discussed in the committees transcend a variety of disciplines and points of views. 


The English committees for MEDMUN 2017 can be found below!

Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC), Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) - Beginner

ECOSOC Background Guide
ECOSOC Background Guide.pdf
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Topic 1: The pertinence of contemporary applications of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action

The implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action was adopted as the CSW’s primary mission in 1996. Since, its implementation has been a salient issue for the CSW.


Topic 2: The elimination of violence against women & girls

The elimination gender-based violence (honor killings, rape, domestic abuse, femicide, gender-selective abortions, etc.) remains a primary goal of the Commission on the Status of Women.

UN Migration & Department of Economic & Social Affairs (UNDESA) Population Division - Intermediate

UNDESA Background Guide
UNDESA Background Guide.pdf
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Topic 1: The impact of migration on minors,  providing for generation 2025 with declining resources

Minors younger than 20 constitute approximately 16 percent of migrants internationally. The profusion of under-age migrants is largely attributed to the burgeoning populations of less-developed countries. Of the next 1 million individuals born, it is projected that the majority will be born in middle to low-income countries lacking proper resources to sustain “generation 2025.”


Topic 2: Mitigating the challenges posed by rapid urbanization in the Mediterranean region

More than half of the world’s population lives in urban centres. Large cities simultaneously encapsulate and intensify the challenges presented by diverse and growing populations in the Mediterranean region.

The UN HIGH COMMISSION on REFUGEES (UNHCR) Governing Executive Committee (ExCom) - Advanced

UNHCR Background Guide
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Topic 1: Human & geopolitical implication of the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean

The flux of migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean, caused by political and economic instability in the Middle East has incurred great human cost. According to the Missing Migrant Project, 3 632 migrants have lost their lives while attempting to reach greater opportunity, real or perceived.


Topic 2: Population displacement due to ethnic, tribal, religious tensions in South Sudan

The complex ethnic makeup of South Sudan, the world’s newest nation (created 9 July 2011), coupled with competition for scarce resources and fierce tribal loyalties has led to a resurgence of violence since December 2013. The prevalence of displaced populations, already present due to the civil war with and partition from Sudan, has only increased with the recent violence.


Rules of Procedure
Revised 8 February 2017
Rules of Procedure 2017.pdf
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