English Committees

Every year MEDMUN includes three English committees. In these committees delegates have the chance to showcase their research, and debate skills in an atmosphere similar to that of the UN. The topics discussed in the committees transcend a variety of disciplines and points of views. 


English committees for MEDMUN 2021 have been announced, specific topics and background guides will be announced soon. 

Human Rights Council (HRC) - BEGINNER LEVEL

Topic 1: Prevention, eradication and rehabilitation of child soldiers in armed conflict areas related to extremism and terrorism

Topic 2: Yemen Crisis: Consolidating a global effort to strengthen humanitarian aid in Yemen



Topic 1: Response to COVID-19 crisis: Ensuring a strong multilateral response guided by global unity to reduce vulnerabilities for future disasters and to maintain the 2030 Agenda

Topic 2: Rebuild, restore and retain Lebanese infrastructure and society post port explosion and during financial crisis 

Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)- Advanced level

Topic 1: The Strait of Hormuz: Assessing the threat to oil flow and preventing future conflict and tensions in the region

Topic 2: The future of OPEC: Transitioning towards renewable energy to ensure long term economic stability

United Nations women general assembly

Genital excision and sexual health of young women in the Middle East and North African region.


Rules of Procedure - English
ROP for MEDMUN 21 English Committees.pdf
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