Chair Application

November 10th - January 11th 

Chair application fee is 20€. 


Please follow the link below to access the application process on MyMUN


Cancellation Policy

Due to the extraordinary circumstances linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, MEDMUN will be refunded if the delegate is unable to attend under the following conditions:

  • The delegate has contracted COVID-19 before the conference and is able to produce a positive test result;
  • The delegate lives in an area that has been placed in quarantine or shelter-in-place;
  • France imposes a travel ban on the delegate’s country of residence. 


Any other cancellation must be made before the second wave of delegate applications ends or the delegate will not receive a refund. 


If MEDMUN is cancelled due to the sanitary conditions, refunds will be processed for all delegates. 


Online delegates will be refunded 20 euros out of their 30 euros participation fee if they are present for all three days of the conference.