apply to join our secretariat


This year, MEDMUN is accepting applications for the Secretariat starting on the 28th of August. 


Applications close at midnight on September 5th. 


To apply, please send a completed form, attached below, and a CV to

Microsoft Word Document 632.8 KB

undersecretary of finance

Managing the MEDMUN bank account & credit cards, setting and enforcing the 2018 budget, writing a financial report at the end of the year.


undersecretary of logistics

Ordering necessary materials, setting the conference schedule, setting up before the conference, running workshops.


Delegate coordinator

Contacting universities and MUN organizations, reviewing applications, accepting delegates & assigning aforementioned delegates to appropriate committees. Liaison between rest of the secretariat and the delegates. 

Events coordinator

planning and executing the four main events (Chair dinner, minors event, 2 adults social events) that occur during the MEDMUN weekend, plus workshops in the lead up. 

undersecretary of communications

Updating MEDMUN’s social media accounts, actively marketing the conference on MyMUN and similar platforms & creating graphics for advertising purposes, filming and photographing during the conference

I.T. Coordinator

Maintaining the MEDMUN website, troubleshooting the social media accounts and MyMUN & assisting the head of media when necessary. Making sure that registration is smooth. 

English I.C.J. coordinator

Creating the content for the International Court of Justice (ICJ) Simulation, recruiting delegates & chairs for the ICJ, overseeing the ICJ committees during the conference.


French i.c.j. coordinator

Créer le contenu de la simulation de la Cour Internationale de Justice (CIJ), recruter des délégués et des présidents pour la CIJ, superviser les comités de la CIJ pendant la conférence.


Taking notes during meetings, scheduling/planning meetings (& other Secretariat events), monitoring the Secretariat email & helping with translation.

content supervisor

Ensuring the consistency of the committees & proofreading background guides written by the chairs. Ensuring all content is accurate and appropriate. 


chair coordinator

Serve as the liaison between chairs and delegates, and chairs and the secretariat. Coordinate the needs of chairs and ensure a smooth conference on their side. 

housing and visa coordinator

Easing and coordinating the process for foreign students to apply for visas to come to Menton, organizing partnerships with hotels, and organizing hosting with SciPo students.