Press Committee

Our Press Committee is an engaging and innovative crisis subset that provides delegates with a unique opportunity to engage with our simulation by reporting live on events. As a crucial reporting mechanism between committees, members of the press explore the interests and points of view of news outlets and implicated parties, creating a lively real-time crisis. 


In this year’s press committee, delegates will have the opportunity to act as representatives of international news agencies in the committee room and as agents of the press outside of the committee setting. Delegates will have the opportunity to debate issues such as freedom of speech, fake news, and the conglomeration of worldwide media outlets. Delegates will also be able to spend time in other committees where they will investigate the processes of debate, analyze developing international opinion, and express their insights through articles.


Attached is the Press Background Guide for the 2017 conference. More information will be available soon.


Press Background Guide
Press Committee Background Guide.pdf
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NGO COmmittee

As the newest addition to the MEDMUN Committee list, the NGO Committee provides the opportunity for delegates to take the role of Nongovernmental Organizations from around the world. Delegates will be given the opportunity to both debate topics relevant to NGOs and act as these NGOs in other committees. In this capacity, delegates will be able to contribute to debate, and offer donations from the NGO’s operating budget to the resolutions which seem most relevant to and supportive of the NGO. 


The NGO Committee background guide will be available soon. 

Background Guide, NGO, 2018
Background Guide, NGO Committee, 2018.pd
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